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  1. I seriously like Avatar. I was expecting sooo much from this album due to the singles. Needless to say, I am not disappointed! I thought the last album was a great conceptual album, but, It lacked the "Heavy" I had grown accustomed to in my very humble opinion. This current Album is so crunchy that it scratched the roof of my mouth like a metal coated bowl of Capn' Crunch! Don't sleep on this release!
  2. Congrats!!! Been browsing here for years and years. It always brightens my day to see a person gain recognition and an elevated position due to their diligence and perseverance. You are more than deserving of this!
  3. Guys, Take my Posts as just joking around... Even if I may have offended in some way I sincerely do not mean such a thing. I love ALL Music as a whole. {except for "Lil Peep"; I mean dude... c'mon...)

  4. You poor thing.... I Just want to give you a Capri Sun coupled with a sincere pat on the back before saying, "Hey there little guy, ya' gave it your best, but, DANCE GAVIN DANCE IS LIT AF WIT DIS NEW ALBUM BRUH #DGD EATS LOTUS EATERS FAM 123LOOKATMESPAGHETTIBBQ11111! *Coughs* (minus Corona virus tinged cough mind you) Seriously, This Album exceeded everything I expected from DGD. I thought the last Album was, In my very humble opinion,.... OK. (Yeah, dude, I said it. It was just OK. No need to be upset) Standout out Tracks: Parody Catharsis - Born To Fail - Nothing Shameful I am a huge Emery Fan and many of these new tracks reminded me of the massive appreciation Emery has for Melody and harmony on their older albums. Dance Gavin Dance has the same thing; They know how to hook you with a super catchy melody or Harmony. Unless Veil of Maya unleashes a "Molly whopper" of an album then this, hands down, is AOTY for me. TLDR: Unclench thy buttocks and release thine bitterness before knowing that DGD has made a truly amazing record with this release.
  5. My day was already going pretty swell... Purchased a new Laptop Trolled some Simps online Got to hear the newest Emery music drop (Dear Diary, surely, this day can not possibly become any better) Thank you Summers for making my pre-Summer!
  6. I sincerely overlooked this solid album at first. Dude... Without the promotion I would have still fixated on every other potential "hype" album this year. Yes, as others have rightfully stated, the mix is off. However, I really enjoyed this. Please, give this another look if you are looking for something fresh!
  7. I could not have said it better. This is what you need to know going into this album. Overall, a solid addition to their many albums. (Besides, Disturbed has always had ballads.... no need to worry here lol)
  8. Emery or Dance Gavin Dance videos... decisions decisions. Also, superb feature. It allows users to better express themselves!
  9. Can't wait to sink to sink my teeth into this! The last album was.... Well, it was not for me.... My hopes are renewed for this one!!! (Still waiting on new good Saosin)
  10. A local radio station just played "Ethos" (perhaps the best track on the album in my very humble opinion) There are almost no "Unclean" vocals in this album, however, the sentiment behind most of the clean vocals more than make up for this. I am Amazed when it comes to this album. Please, give it a listen and then buy it if you have not!
  11. @BRDSX I agree completely. Would you say they evolve with each album or is there some manner of stagnation...?
  12. Mr. Owl I am am wondering the same thing as well.... However, I hope it is the best. The reason for such a hope is because unlike many other "Modern Rock/Metal" bands they have had plenty of time to develop their sound to suit their fanbase. Disturbed continues to be a good band; They present new ideas each album and this seems to prove true even with this single. Allow us to hope for the Best!
  13. So, I went into this hoping for the best and I was not let down at all. "One of the Drunks" and "The Overpass" are really standout tracks. By the end of the album I could not stop dancing. The tracks are just that catchy!
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