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  1. hard to adjust to this sound after Flower Boy but it's slowly growing on me more and more. probably not my favorite tyler album but its a great summer album.
  2. can we not just like Loathe AND Lotus Eater??
  3. this is dope despite what some desks may think
  4. you really think jonny craig of all people isn't capable of rape??
  5. zippy just because i know how it works already
  6. Digging this so fucking hard
  7. the only place it's available is on Adult Swim's website and their Soundcloud so probably no 320 til they put it on streaming services and iTunes.
  8. I enjoyed this for sure, but I didn't feel the way I did when hearing any of their other albums. Maybe it's just a little too similar to Celebrate for me or something. Whale Watcher and Warm Hand Splash are serious jams though.
  9. this album is so insanely good. totally threw me off.
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