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  1. i loved the single they put out back in 2016, and was really hoping for more like that. unfortunately this is nothing like that and i am super disappointed.
  2. as a huge fan of CP, it's okay. when it first started with that soft intro, i thought it was going to be a really cool low-key song but nah. i'm sure i will love the album but i feel like it's time that they started switching things up somehow.
  3. holy shit all these songs are sick, did not expect something like this from them
  4. idk if you would want to add to this, but I have the original master of Dear Diary in FLAC before it got remastered, Failure By Designer Jeans which was around the Dear Diary era on a Punkorama comp, the Aesthetic demos. There's also the b-side from Heroine called Save Us floating around, and their Christmas songs.
  5. not sure by "first one" you mean the EP or album, but The Cold Sun was produced by Matt McClellan from Glow In The Dark
  6. it's okay for me. i kinda feel the same about it as i did with Swell; just more of the same that we already heard from Celebrate which was a great record.
  7. Any chance this will be updated to include the new bonus track BOYFRIEND that replaces track four?
  8. hard to adjust to this sound after Flower Boy but it's slowly growing on me more and more. probably not my favorite tyler album but its a great summer album.
  9. can we not just like Loathe AND Lotus Eater??
  10. this is dope despite what some desks may think
  11. you really think jonny craig of all people isn't capable of rape??
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