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  1. pleasantly surprised.
  2. yeah what he said..?
  3. so good. very excited for this.
  4. yessss these dudes played a house show in my town and they are super tight. so glad they got recognition on here.
  5. so good
  6. I concur.
  7. nah i don't believe he's in another band right now. if he does anything that i hear about i'll make sure to bring it up in the shoutbox. correct, this is not the same vocalist that was on "Settling."
  8. My buddy Keith used to be the vocalist (on their first album) I may be biased, but I just don't digg them with the new guy.
  9. check out slaughter beach, dog if you havent. Its Jake from MoBo's band and its pretty rad.
  10. I considered these guys my favorite band for a longggg time. evil friends was a bit hard to swallow but i wound up liking it after a while. i honestly don't know if this new direction will ever grow on me.
  11. Ceremony was absolutely a hardcore band..
  12. this is conor murphy's (vocalist of foxing) "solo project" but he's got some pretty good help with members from sorority noise and tiger's jaw to name a couple. completely different than his (their?) other stuff, but really good. i recommend it.
  13. this is labeled 320 but the dl links are v0. either way thanks, was excited for this. i like pet symmetry more than i like into it over it.
  14. thanks for the quality update! here's to hoping for more from these dudes.
  15. wow this is really good. definitely looking forward to the release.