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  1. thanks for the quality update! here's to hoping for more from these dudes.
  2. wow this is really good. definitely looking forward to the release.
  3. what program were you using to extract? i used winrar and had no problems.
  4. Chrome latest version on windows 10...and its just the scroll wheel. i can still manually scroll the pages. so no, not on mobile.
  5. Awwww yissssss. I've been waiting for this. thanks!
  6. this is pretty rad.
  7. My mouse scroll wheel randomly stops working just for this site. It works everywhere else. Edit: Refreshing page did nothing, restarting browser fixed problem.
  8. this song instrumentally is like 70% bass and nowhere in the video is there a bass player shown...like they don't have one in the band. is it for publicity's sake? i don't get it.
  9. @Crash Bandicoot well check that out, i had no idea. i had only heard honest & cunning before this so it's new to me haha. thanks again.
  10. i'm digging this. didn't know these guys were releasing anything new. thanks!
  11. and also, this is good.
  12. Should probably be noted that he is formerly of margot & the nuclear so and so's.
  13. begs the question as to why they didn't just release it as a new album. hmmm
  14. To piggyback on what @myfr13ndpeter just said: Check out The Obsessives, they are going on a spring tour with Sorority Noise. (New LP just showed up on here yesterday) https://theobsessives.bandcamp.com/ Hop Along https://hopalong.bandcamp.com/ Beach Slang https://beachslang.bandcamp.com/ The Wonder Years https://thewonderyears.bandcamp.com/ The Menzingers https://themenzingers.bandcamp.com/ all good philly bands. also (these bands are from NJ but close enough) Prawn https://prawnnj.bandcamp.com/album/kingfisher Dryjacket https://dryjacket.bandcamp.com/ Can't Swim https://purenoise.bandcamp.com/album/fail-you-again
  15. really diggin' this. thanks.