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  1. haha, thats pretty awesome. it looks like their real page is /freethrowed though.
  2. This is great stuff. If anyone didn't know, Laura Stevenson is a long time friend and collaborator of Jeff Rosenstock, and she played keys in Bomb the Music Industry. Check her out.
  3. I'm hoping this is one of the more conservative tracks on the album in terms of scope and sound. It doesn't really do anything in particular that hasn't already been done better in other pup songs. Regardless, super stoked on new music. This is my most anticipated release of 2019 so far.
  4. @TheHunteraciaStrain you know that song is a cover, right? regardless, it rules.
  5. These guys are to Jeff Rosentock what Mccafferty are to the front bottoms. not saying its bad..but its derivative. still gonna listen.
  6. picking up some serious Microwave vibes and I love it.
  7. this seems pretty promising. gonna check it out.
  8. its makes me sad knowing how slept on this album is gonna be. incredible.
  9. Listened to this on repeat yesterday and its a very solid album front to back. highly recommend.
  10. yess this band rules. i didnt even know they had a new one coming out. thanks so much!
  11. been waiting for this one. thought it had gotten overlooked. thanks!
  12. the vocalist on the last album was Doug from The Sleeping. not sure what he's doing now.
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