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  1. This is gonna be a great album. Hate me if you want, but I've loved everything they put out.
  2. "We were so preoccupied with whether or not we could, we didn't stop to think if we should" ~Definitely Me
  3. Didn't even know this was a thing. Happy to see them put something else out.
  4. Same. I'm personally a/was a huge fan of CTC. So I was pretty damn sad when I thought he was done with music. Glad to see him still in the game.
  5. Sorry. Just not enough chaos for me.
  6. Compared to his work in FATS, how good is this?
  7. They be back, thanks mates!
  8. Wow. I didn't even know this was coming but I've been waiting for this to be released. Thanks.
  9. @@rcskater1 And not even 320. Wow. Not gonna listen till then.
  10. @@DMCA LUL We just have different taste in music.
  11. To anyone who hasn't checked this band out, I highly recommend it.
  12. Wait... they're not done are they?
  13. @@Vape_lord it does suck. And the band members are taking credit for True's work. Saying that they wrote the song The Broken, and what the song was about. Made a whole story about it. When True actually wrote the song with someone that wasn't even in the band. Lost all respect for the band after that. You don't steal someone's work like that. I would immediately be kicked out of college if I did that.
  14. @@Vape_lord I think you are talking about True Arahill? If so, then there were apparent allegations of sexual contact with an underage fan, but nothing ever actually came up, but he was still removed from the band.
  15. I wonder if the band will take credit for True's work again like they did on the last song.