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  1. I wasnt feeling Son of the Witch too much but I love this and Worldwide Suicide. Really digging the new style.
  2. Good song. Nice melodies and chord progressions and really liked the riff. But hearing the same chorus 3 times is just so boring imo. Like they could have made the last chorus so much bigger and interesting. That's the only negative thing imo. Thank god the mixing sounds actually pretty good this time!!
  3. This is exactly what I wanted from these guys and more. nice
  4. Personally liked the other two singles much better than this. I like this but I don't see why I would actually put this on again before the album release. Solid but nothing special imo.
  5. expected an AOTY and it is exactly that. Might even be one of the best full length debuts I've ever heard.
  6. 100% going to be staying in my top 10 albums of this year damn <3. But I do understand why many dont like this since even tho this has sick riffs and grooves and goes hard as fuck with vibes, it's more of a chill album than a hard one. I love it and I am so happy with this direction. Favourites are Without You, Rain, Downfall and Get It Right
  7. This has so much potential but wtf are those boring ass chord progressions? With little chord / melody changes this could have been a masterpiece imo. I like Manifest a lot better.
  8. Check out Crankdat - Do You Mind. It has Devin Oliver featured with his new alias shYbeast
  9. This will stay at my AOTY 2019 top 10
  10. Oh shit this is perfect !!! So happy to see these guys with The Word Alive next month
  11. We just got his new mixtape and now a single NICEEEEE
  12. WOW JUST WOW. One of the best EPs I've ever heard wtf. Totally blown away
  13. HOLY FUCK Real Friends covering Duality and it actually being heavy?? Love that
  14. It's really good. To me it kinda fell on the other half but the first half is gold Start Again 5/5 Loveless 5/5 Savior 5/5 Taking Over Me 5/5 Lonewolf 5/5 Devil Inside 5/5 Sure to Fail 3/5 In Deafening Silence 3,5/5 Whatever It Takes 3/5 Fear 4/5 Never Surrender 3,5/5
  15. Same idea as with Warzone, but I didnt like warzone and I do like this a lot. Fucking banger
  16. There isn't a single song that I don't like, but also nothing I would be amazed of. I think OOR is best with super rock bangers. There isn't one here. It sounds exactly what it is: Dan Lancaster making a pop record out of a famous rock band. Dan is amazing producer who thinks outside the box with rock music (Don Broco, BMTH). But this isnt exciting at all. But it's still not a flop imo. Favourites: Stand Out Fit In, Giants and Worst In Me
  17. 1. Wage War - Deadweight 2. While She Sleeps - You Are We 3. Nothing But Thieves - Broken Machine 4. Northlane - Mesmer 5. coldrain - FATELESS 6. Currents - The Place I Feel Safest 7. Neck Deep - The Peace and the Panic 8. Veil of Maya - False Idol 9. Volumes - Different Animals 10. Make Them Suffer - Worlds Apart
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