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  1. Iloveyou5eva (thatsmorethan4eva❤)
  2. Any word on the uncensored version boss man?
  3. Most EDM songs with vocal's are super repetitive... But each to their own boss ??
  4. ❤ it's magnificent. Thank you?
  5. This is some next level hardcore! Thank you so much for uploading this. Absolute gem for the music library
  6. THIS ALBUM IS FUCKING LIFE. I'm speechless From top to bottom this is perfection. This album will go down in my all time favourite albums. thank you so much for posting this! i needed this in my life! I'm buying this album and a whole bunch of merch to support them.
  7. A & E is a total banger!!!!!! i never really cared about the ting ting's, but this album was really cool. thanks for sharing it!
  8. Amazing! thank you for uploading, love the vibe.
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