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  1. 4 albums in 11 months!!! Yeh this Scar needs a break! "Iv got a bad habit... workaholic boi"
  2. fuck yesh ! this is madness as always ! LOVE IT
  3. This album is mint! This guy needs some attention. Breath of fresh air in the see of crappy auto tuned balls
  4. Man this albums so good so far. I was hyped for it and it does not dissapoint!
  5. I actually really like this! If you like X youll like this! Who gives a fuck how long an album is supposed to be ? R.I.P X
  6. Best rapper on the planet! and a fitting album. This is on a different level to everyone else !!
  7. Why's the .zip asking me for a password?
  8. I actually enjoyed faka faka yeah its heavy and not too serious. I did expect the album to be better tho tbh
  9. also i hate guitar solos but love this album. WTF :'D
  10. fuck vocals..... i love vocals in music but this is a better piece of music without..... iv not listened to an album so catchy before. so many songs stuck out to me with the first and second listen through.
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