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  1. I Actually kind of like it!
  2. Honestly im genuinely surprised how much i like this
  3. Not too bad actually, wasn't expecting much but its a bop that i can see my singing along too every now and then.
  4. Nothing they do will ever beat Nerve Endings or Haven't Been Myself. Its a shame, i was obsessed with this band when Nerve Endings dropped, and then as soon as i heard Eiley on Haven't Been Myself, i was gobsmacked and left amazed.
  5. Too much about school to relate to this like her other album. Class fight is good but everything kind of just blends in and fades behind the rest, not going to be obsessed by this like the other album.
  6. Ohhh no, this is a shame, i listened to their previous album religiously, but this just feels so watered down Hopefully this is just one for their radio. I really hope they dont go the TCTT route... Feels like all my favourite bands are getting lighter
  7. I'm really digging it. I'm surprised but it's got a beat to it. Hope the rest of the album is good too!
  8. Why is this still stickied its like 2 years old lol
  9. Lol i've heard that people are hating on this album cover at the moment. Some people are so sensitive, metal still appears to be a problematic genre for gay people.
  10. What is this.... What... I think i just fell in love with a new band.
  11. Prefer the original but this was a good cover i think. Not a big fan of female vocalists in post-hardcore, i haven't heard anybody do it "right" yet. Maybe its just my taste.
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