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  1. Jesus god i was a sucker for a whiney voice when Sleeping WIth Sirens and Pierce the Vale were really big, but this is just TOO whiney... eugh.
  2. Damn... this band hasn't aged well, listening back to their old stuff that i was obsessed with as an emo in school, he really cant sing lol.
  3. This is one of those songs that if it was by any other band, it would be a good song, but we know how good ADTR can be, so this just comes off "alright". It's better than the other 3 songs they've brought out for the album though so its on the right track. Personally, i don't think ADTR have brought out anything good since Common Courtesy Bad Vibrations just didn't hit me at all, i never even got through the whole album, i got through half of it and thought i was still listening to 1 song.
  4. As much as i love this band, i dont think anybody can cover a LP song as well as LP
  5. Can't believe this song came out in June and i've only just heard it. I'm actually addicted to this song, i never thought i'd enjoy a pisstake song as much as i do. This is definitely in the running for song of the year for me!
  6. Genuinely interested in what they're gonna do. Kind of excited. I'll be looking out for these guys. Geeving was a banger back at college.
  7. Made of Gold will forever be my workout song.
  8. Oh wow, i'm really not impressed with this not one bit.... ouch.
  9. oooof, i have a huge soft spot for these guys. I've always absolutely LOVED one or two songs from each of their albums. It's a shame half of these are recycled from earlier EP. Still absolutely love Visions and really into At the Top atm - The rest of the album is pretty meh, Let Go was a good song... like 2 years ago when it was released lol
  10. Damn, i was really hoping the album would be more like Talking to Myself, but the rest of it is kind of soft...
  11. I Actually kind of like it!
  12. Honestly im genuinely surprised how much i like this
  13. Not too bad actually, wasn't expecting much but its a bop that i can see my singing along too every now and then.
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