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  1. poca roba Italiana ma sempre buona!
  2. Cane Hill - Lord of Flies (Single) (2017)

    W O W can't wait for the album
  3. Ne Obliviscaris - Urn (2017)

    it's not exactly "Progressive Metal" haha anyway I like it so much in particular the clean vocals
  4. Foo Fighters - Soldier (Single) (2017)

    why? they forgot to put it in the album?
  5. Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence (2017)

    this album in my opinion is at Shogun's level, In Waves remains in the best the only song they could not do is "Endless Night". I did not appreciate it at all
  6. Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence (2017)

    FINALLY I will definitely listen to tomorrow on the traveling train to Padova
  7. okay i understand, cool
  8. i like so much "The Crusade", I just made a comparison as if the song was old, like from 2007
  9. it seems to be part of The Crusade or something like that I hope it's really a demo and not the final version
  10. Trivium - Betrayer [Single] (2017)

    so good! cant wait until 20th!!!!
  11. My Enemies & I - Perfect [Single] (2017)

    wtf is happening with this band. Better than Riot but for me isn't good at all. Especially compared to Sick World
  12. Makeout - The Good Life (2017)

  13. Asking Alexandria - Into the Fire [Single] (2017)

    Even them like Sleeping With Sirens are very overrated imho probably bc i dont like the electronicore I dont know how they have reached this whole sequel i've listened this single and also i dont like it