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  1. Probably the most relevant record since Under Soil & Dirt Love it.
  2. Awesome! Been waiting for this. Listening these dudes since Role Models and there's not even a single song that is close to disappoint me.
  3. Holy, this is good. I'd say it could be my #1 pop punk record this year. I like the mixture. One song (The Guise Of A Mother) sounds completely like a TSSF rip-off, but the instrumentals sound like early Ignite. And cmon, there's nothing you can't like about Pop Punk with an Ignite'ish sound
  4. Holy crap, Rain on my Parade is probably the funniest thing i've heard in a while. Just the perfect parody
  5. Never heard about that name Trey Sexton before, i didn't even read that the song had a feature. Then listened to the song and immediately could tell that this is the Kid Liberty singer, just unique. Pretty happy about this surprising release (at least for me), Knockout Kid always delivered. Reminds me a little bit of Chunk, but in a more charming way, not in that hey dudes are you ready to way.