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  1. That was so fucking boring. It's every single emo rap album ever written, but he died so it's a 10/10 right? Not a single song is interesting or does anything other than use the same triplets, and have Juice whining about how sad he is. I have nothing against the guy but he's really nothing interesting and he's not a great singer
  2. There's nothing inherently wrong with this album, I'm just really disappointed after two years, this is all we got. I really just don't care about digital instrumentals that sound like LPU demos. Fine and Open Door are great songs too, and mislead me into believing we were getting an actual album with vocals, but no, we get this instead.
  3. I simply don't see the artwork as anything other than artwork. If it's that much of a deciding factor for some people that's cool, but it doesn't matter to me personally. I definitely notice if it's good or bad but again it doesn't matter enough to me to decide whether or not I'm gonna give it a listen
  4. Really fantastic acoustic album. This is how you honor your own legacy and put out something for the fans, not whatever Breaking Benjamin decided to do earlier this year. Only thing I didn't care for was Everything Breaks. Lost interest in that song halfway through
  5. This took afew listens to get into. Nothing special but it's alright. Also album art doesn't determine the quality of the actual album so who cares. It's bad but who gives a fuck.
  6. Much appreciated. That other link just wasn't working for me. It ended up downloading an APK and I wasn't sure if I should trust that so I just deleted it
  7. How am I supposed to download this when both links lead to pop ups and fake shit
  8. 1. Hollywood Undead - New Empire, Vol. 1 2. Hayley Williams - Petals For Armor 3. Dance Gavin Dance - Afterburner 4. Grey Daze - Amends 5. Childish Gambino - 3.15.20
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