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  1. Really enjoyed this one. Not quite the same level as The Resistance, but definitely liked it more than Retrograde.
  2. Not super into this one. Hope i like the full album better
  3. Right? They're not top of the line instrumentalists or anything, but the solo's on this take talent to play and there's no denying that
  4. Okay, cool dude, idk why you decided to start a fight with me, a total stranger, but I'm over it already. You can continue to tell me I'm close minded while sending me a song with 300 views. It's cool that you enjoy that, but the way you came off was straight up rude and uncalled for. Could've just given me a nice suggestion and left it as that, but nope, you pushed some more. Would you take my suggestion if you were in my shoes? Absolutely not. I'm allowed to listen to what i want, and your elitist attitude will not change that. We clear?
  5. That feel when Sum 41 makes some of the most solid instrumentals and solos I've heard this year
  6. I think we just have to agree to disagree here. I can tell you're a passionate musician, you clearly know what you're talking about, and obviously, I don't. It's just simply because genres, to me, are very black and white and I've never enjoyed the whole sub-genre idea. I do see what you mean overall, but I genuinely can't say it changes anything for me. It just doesn't matter to me.
  7. Wow you really are a gatekeeper. Look at that. "It's too simple". You're kidding right? That has nothing to do with the genre. Periphery have basically the same vocal styles and they are 100% metal. Yea I'll agree the riffs are all pretty much the same with slight variations, but that doesn't mean it isn't metal, like at all. None of those things have anything to do with the genre of music it fits in. Periphery is 100000X better than Asking could ever dream to be btw. Not trying to compare them talent wise, I'm just saying that they both had/have higher pitched vocals and screams
  8. Well I'll never understand how it's not. It's not like metal is a perfect genre. I'm not even defending this stuff. I'm not that big of a fan of it, but you will never convince me it's not.
  9. I'm sure you take a lot of pride in specifically labeling shit, but I clearly don't, I'll call it whatever the fuck I want to call it bc I'm CERTAINLY not about to call it "post-hardcore punk pop rock blah blah blah"
  10. Honestly dude you can keep pretending that anything you're saying is important, but I've already moved on from this petty shit. I respectfully disagree and will continue to call AA metal, just like everyone else has been doing for 10 years I mean dude Skillet exists. Somehow they've managed to release the same song for 10 years at least
  11. I can at least admit when I don't like a song by a band i like. I genuinely like this song, and there shouldn't be a problem with that.
  12. They're metal because they're METALcore. At least they used to be. Is The Silver Scream a punk album now? How about Dark Skies by FFAK? It's metal. Get off your high horse bud. You may be right about hardcore being a punk sub-genre, but Asking was a METAL band. Doesn't matter what you read on Wikipedia.
  13. Lmao dude i don't fucking care what specific genre a song is. Also saying I don't have any arguments yet you call me a 12 year old? That's pretty hilarious dude If you like Attila and actually think they put together well made music you do not get to talk to me about good taste
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