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  1. She's "unique" to people that only listen to mainstream pop. This sound has been done a million times As they ALWAYS do
  2. I'm looking, and they're still a terrible band
  3. If fucking Attila wins there is no hope for this planet
  4. Just because they use the effect a lot doesn't mean i have to like it. I think it detracts from thr vocal performance entirely and makes the choruses weaker
  5. I hate the effect on the cleans on this album. Sounds like a crowd is singing along and it just sounds awful
  6. I'm on Haunt Me currently and idk...this just isn't super memorable to me. It's not bad at all, i just don't think it's for me
  7. This is actually worse than i was expecting. I'm on Subhuman and i feel like I've lost brain cells for every second this dumpster fire has been playing.
  8. If you think it isn't, you dont know shit. It's a bland ass pop album with occasional signs of greatness. I've heard Amo 30 times before it was even announced
  9. Wonderful Life isn't that great people. You can like the album but you cannot tell me it's revolutionary in the slightest Yes i do know, it's Amo
  10. It is generic. It's nothing special at all. Granted i know OM&M don't make unique music, but they don't need to. Amo is every pop album ever. I think Nihilist Blues is the only unique song on that album and even then it's pretty boring. It's not all bad. I like Mantra and Sugar Honeg Ice & Tea, but it's a generic pop record from an otherwise great band
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