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  1. I got really excited until I saw the length
  2. To keep me from posting a thousand album I decided I'd show my AOTY from 2010-2019 2010 - Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns 2011 - Of Mice & Men - The Flood 2012 - Linkin Park - Living Things 2013 - Hollywood Undead - Notes From The Underground 2014 - Linkin Park - The Hunting Party 2015 - Bring Me The Horizon - That's The Spirit 2016 - Jeff Williams - RWBY Volume 3 Soundtrack 2017 - Paramore - After Laughter 2018 - Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic 2019 - Periphery - Periphery IV: HAIL STAN
  3. I'm enjoying these singles. I've only heard like 3 songs from TWA before this album so I'm not expecting what they're probably known for.
  4. This is definitely good. I mean, all of these songs are already amazing. But I prefer every original version over these ones so idk if I'm even gonna bother listening to this very often.
  5. Pretty alright. Definitely like it more than the last single, but not as much as The Best. These guys are pretty hit or miss for me
  6. Great song. After Laughter grew to be my favorite Paramore album and this feels like a proper follow up to it. Yet something about it feels fresh and Hayley obviously sounds amazing. Can't wait for the album
  7. I translated Die Leere a while back and it meant the emptiness in English amd that had me worried, but I held out hope. Boy was that a mistake
  8. I hate how much I like all 4 of these singles
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