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  1. This was really solid. Probably not something I'm gonna come back to too often, but whenever I do listen to it, I'll enjoy it. Gatekeeper kicked me in the pants
  2. Yea I don't think I'm going to like this album
  3. I've never actually heard them before. alright I'll give it a shot
  4. If i hate literally everything this band has made, would this be any different or should I just stay away?
  5. The vocals are what really bring this down. I wouldn't be able to tell you this is Green Day if someone showed this to me. The instrumental is mixed and performed well but again, the vocals do not work. Billie's voice just doesn't fit this style. 2/5
  6. A Thousand Bad Times for me. I love most of the album though
  7. Saw these guys opening for Mike Shinoda. They put on a really cool and unique show
  8. Great, more ringtones disguised as full songs to capitalize on a dead man
  9. Why am I just not feeling 3/4 of these singles. I've only liked Manifest and I really like Starset. These just don't feel as special as their previous two albums
  10. I forgot that happened. 😂😂 that'd be so weird to see
  11. Internet is far better without another shitty feature.
  12. Northlane kinda sucked not gonna lie
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