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  1. Both of them went fucking HARD on this track god damn
  2. This is astoundingly bad. Not even Brendon Urie can save this shit
  3. Like this a lot. The solo is pretty badass
  4. Yea what the hell. This is like 3 minutes long
  5. Only song I dislike is the Overwatch one. The rest I'm pleasantly surprised about. 4/5
  6. If this was on Disease it'd probably be my least favorite song on the album, but yea this is decent
  7. If you think his clean are bad you deserve to go deaf
  8. Incredible album. The whole band just blows me away every time
  9. Kingdom Leaks: complains about generic metalcore while praising generic metalcore
  10. She's "unique" to people that only listen to mainstream pop. This sound has been done a million times As they ALWAYS do
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