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  1. Ohh great. More absolute dog shit for Spotify to put in my recommendations no matter how many times I dislike the songs
  2. To me it's boring and uninspired. He has a good voice yes, but it's the same problem I have with Ed Sheeran. Every white dude with an acoustic guitar with the same old boring voice and it's super old now. But that's just me. I found it boring, doesn't mean everyone else needs to as well
  3. This is generic, lame ass pop shit. It IS boring
  4. “theres no screaming so its bad" Screaming doesn't equal good. Attila screams and they're awful
  5. Good song but the song writing could've been much better. Hate when songs have the same two lines over and over but this music video, beat, and overall message gives this one a bit of a pass
  6. Awesome! Been wondering when the next single way gonna release