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  1. I'ma grade them on the following scale: Eh (1), Okay (2), Decent (3), Great (4), Fire (5). IIWY - Okay. Imminence - Decent. Mirrors - Okay. Acres - Great. I Prevail - Already in my library, but they're fire. xD Fit For A King - Fire. Crystal Lake - Eh. Solence - Fire. Annisokay - Okay. The Plot In You - Fire. Thank you for the suggestions, @per_recon!
  2. Title. I'm trying to rebuild my music library so I need suggestions for new artists/groups to listen to and potentially add to it! My musical taste varies (and I'm very picky on what I like), but typically falls in either Post-Hardcore/Metalcore, Pop Punk, or Hard/Alternative Rock. https://i.gyazo.com/87e9e43a8adacbd0f723bf02b5a46a4d.png <- A basic idea of what's already in my library. I'm open to giving anything a listen!
  3. These guys are my absolute fave, no contest, no hate. There've only been like 2 or 3 covers I didn't really care for. But this is a whole new level of what the fuck? I'm half-ashamed I even listened to it considering the original is really fucking annoying and overplayed to hell. Granted, this was bearable at best compared to the original, but still. I just can't. I hope it'll grow on me.
  4. All I can say is that filename though. x'D
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