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  1. Yesss!!! Been waiting for new material from these guys! I just hope the new album has better production.
  2. One of the best virtual concerts I've seen. Definitely worth ten bucks
  3. This is so good! Easily one of their best songs. This album is looking like their best one yet.
  4. Love it. Sounds like a solid progression from their last album. Super bouncy
  5. This is definitely interesting. The vocals might have to grow on me but the instrumentals are great.
  6. Super good. Easily their best work to date. I love how they made the instrumentals more catchy.
  7. I really enjoyed this. Randomly checked it out because of the cool artwork and am not dissapointed. Definitely recommend checking out the single. Probably my favorite release of the day
  8. I love the direction this band has gone. They make such chill music that's relaxing and fun to listen to. Sometimes I wish it was just The Safety Fire riffs with Elliot's vocals though. Definitely happy to be able to listen to the whole album though.
  9. This is really good. So glad I decided to check it out. Really enjoy the electronic elements.
  10. Man the last two singles have been incredible. Serious vocal prompts.
  11. Such an underrated band. The singer has such a great voice.
  12. This is so good! The song with Courtney is fantastic. Love the guitar work.
  13. This band makes amazing progressive metalcore. Loved the last single.
  14. Yesss!!! I swear this band can do no wrong. Easy too 5 band for me
  15. So so good. Loved the single they out out awhile back. This is still much better than expected. Those are some massive features
  16. Such a good band! Can't wait for this EP
  17. Easily one of the best albums this year. Singles were fantastic. Immediate type 5 of the year for me
  18. This sounds really good! Love all the riffs
  19. Definitely a heavy spiritbox influence which is never a bad thing.
  20. One of my favorites from last year. Hopefully we get new music soon
  21. Very good follow up to the album. They have stellar instrumentals and the vocalist has a great range.
  22. I have no idea what they are saying but holy shit is this catchy. Love the vocals. The cleans are amazing but the screams are great. The electronic parts really added a lot to this
  23. Very good! Glad I checked it out. Kinda reminds me of Shokran.
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