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  1. Found the person who doesn't understand leaks. Thanks KL. Same as CW for me. Some okay stuff and a ton of forgettable.
  2. Any interludes or all bangers? Thanks a bunch KL!
  3. Yesss!!! Thanks so much KL these guys are fantastic. Jammed the last album non stop
  4. Love it. Everything Lights does is so catchy and overall just solid pop music.
  5. I mean its all opinions but I think the one single they released is better than anything off the new Contortionist album. Love both albums to death already but this band just seems to hit all the right buttons.
  6. I cant imagine a band doing progressive metal better than these guys. Absolutely phenomenal as always
  7. I honestly enjoy this more than anything Dan has done since his work in skyharbor. Jordan has a beautiful voice and really pulls it all together. Fantastic melodies with really pretty instrumentals.
  8. Some amazing features on this for sure. Cant wait to dive in.
  9. This band is beyond good. Their last album was fantastic. New music sounds great.
  10. This isn't as promising as I was hoping. I can see why this band split up. Clearly different ideas about the direction. The new vocalist is very talented but most of the album just seems like ambience. The song writing doesn't seem nearly as good either. Hopefully this album is a grower.
  11. First Cellar Darling and now this? Havent been this set with Folkmetal in a long time! Cant wait to give it a listen thanks for the great share KL!
  12. This is definitely one of the best progressive metal albums of all time imo. This band does everything right.