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  1. This is great! Another awesome EP for the year.
  2. Sooooo good! Highly recommend their last album
  3. Yesss!!! I totally forgot this was coming out! The last single was massive
  4. This is definitely their best songs! I seriously hope we get an album full of tracks like this.
  5. Holy fuck this band just keeps getting better and better. That artwork is incredible.
  6. I love this! It's such a nice style. I loved destiny potato and miss some of their heavier sides but this is beautiful music. Super catchy, great instrumentals and the singing is fantastic.
  7. Fuckkkk I heard that single a few days ago and didn't know an album was out already!! Shit this is huge
  8. Yesss!!! Been waiting for new material from these guys! I just hope the new album has better production.
  9. One of the best virtual concerts I've seen. Definitely worth ten bucks
  10. This is so good! Easily one of their best songs. This album is looking like their best one yet.
  11. Love it. Sounds like a solid progression from their last album. Super bouncy
  12. This is definitely interesting. The vocals might have to grow on me but the instrumentals are great.
  13. Super good. Easily their best work to date. I love how they made the instrumentals more catchy.
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