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  1. Very good follow up to the album. They have stellar instrumentals and the vocalist has a great range.
  2. I have no idea what they are saying but holy shit is this catchy. Love the vocals. The cleans are amazing but the screams are great. The electronic parts really added a lot to this
  3. Very good! Glad I checked it out. Kinda reminds me of Shokran.
  4. Don't miss out on this. Amazing up and coming band
  5. Oh boy this album will be fantastic. This band keeps getting better and better.
  6. Pretty good so far. Last album was really impressive.
  7. This is so good. Been waiting years for a release. These guys make heavy as fuck music
  8. So good. Even better than the last EP
  9. This is definitely gonna fly under the radar with all the major releases but this is insanely good!
  10. This album is gonna be so good. Love all the singles so far.
  11. This is so good. Serious tesseract and skyharbor vibes.
  12. This is very good. Late to the game but a stellar release.
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