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  1. So good. Even better than the last EP
  2. This is definitely gonna fly under the radar with all the major releases but this is insanely good!
  3. This album is gonna be so good. Love all the singles so far.
  4. This is so good. Serious tesseract and skyharbor vibes.
  5. This is very good. Late to the game but a stellar release.
  6. This might be my favorite EP this year. Haven't been able to stop jamming it since release.
  7. I don't know how people aren't hearing it. I definitely know what you mean.
  8. Oh shit your right! Either way this is still great stuff.
  9. Didn't they have a female singer on the last album? She really brought a lot to the band. Although that's still a great single.
  10. Definitely my favorite album today. So freaking good!
  11. Interesting song. Mashup of lots of different things but it's fun
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