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  1. Expected nothing less than amazing from Daniel Tompkins and he certainly delivers.
  2. Fantastic album, such a thick and heavy atmosphere with great instrumentals.
  3. Holy crap just finished my first listen and this surpassed every expectation I had. Amazing riffs and super emotional vocals with such a great range. Easily makes it into my top 5 this year. 13/13 songs are just complete bangers.
  4. Cant wait to check this out. The anticipation has been killing me. Thanks KL
  5. Was just thinking about this. It's pretty heavy so far
  6. This is really good. Not sure if it has as many good songs as Spotlight but it's definitely a grower.
  7. The wait has been so long. Can't wait to finally listen.
  8. Oh damn this is gonna be so good
  9. Been waiting a long time for this! Thanks a bunch
  10. Cant wait for Friday. Really interesting album art choice.
  11. Whattt! So excited. thanks a bunch cant wait for the official release.
  12. Easily one of the biggest and best releases of the year. If you love progressive metal do not miss out. Jakub is truly one of a kind.
  13. Amazing. Just fantastic music. Definitely the highlight of my day along with ghost iris
  14. This band makes some of the best deathcore around. Absolutely killer. thanks for all the leaks today KL team