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  1. Yeah, i've listened to both of them tonight and im fucking impressed, new style is pure gold
  2. Fucking hell that video has been on my watch later youtube playlist for two weeks lmao
  3. What's in your signature brah?
  4. He's the same guy, Chadwick. And in a facebook post they said that was the last time they would've played most of the old songs so that's probably it
  5. Good song, the chorus is good though a bit repetitive. Loving the solo in between
  6. Been jamming the album since it leaked, cuz i wanted to let it grow in me before speaking a word on it. And i can say the album is great, it shows the growth of MIW as a band without forgetting where they came from. Little bummer the album itself as a lot more of clean singing, but kudos to Chris for doing an excellent work on it. Best tracks are in no particular order 570, Hourglass, Queen for Queen and Soft, while i'm not a lot into Dead AF part 2 and Necessary Evil.
  7. This shit is gold. AOTY contender for sure, these dudes are from outer space. Love me some halo-core
  8. Song is good, vocal lines hit like a punch in the face. Feature is just horrible, KL singer seems a dying chicken shrieking while its balls are being cut. I hope i passed the idea lmao
  9. single

    These guys never disappoint, have been my fav band since AAFTW. The single is great, nothing spectacular but it's MMI so I put this on loop since it came out lol Really really stoked for this album to come out, can't wait.
  10. Album is killer, best since self titled with Jimmie Strimell. Singles were great, so hype was high. Don't understand the song with Tommy korberg tho
  11. Love how these guys manage to remain consistant and enjoyable through the years, good song
  12. This dude never fails to deliver the goodies, exceptional.
  13. So fucking stoked, fav band since my teen years. Can't wait to hear what they've been cooking these past months ROTL was a bad album indeed, with few gems. Everything else is just fire
  14. single

    Nothing to add, quote.
  15. This song is just great, got stuck in my head after first chorus and haven't left ever since. This is a blink 182 song, surely better and catchier than Parking Lot.