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  1. So as many said before, this is the legacy of everything they've done before and it fucking kicks.
  2. That's great then man
  3. Lmao but the female vocals are still there mate. Anyway check it out, you wont regret it
  4. After an in depth listen (a few listens ok), i can say this album is pure genius craft. The progression between each of their albums is impressive but manages to leave the image and sound of MTS behind every note and lyric. I like a lot how proggy and weird some songs sound, and especially how much space they (finally) left to the girl singing. Oh Booka is a way better performer than Louisa ever had been, and that does a lot within this record, she complements very well Sean and his screams while the piano melodies give you that eerie and mysterious feeling all throughout the album, balancing the often dissonant guitars. AOTY contender without any doubt at least a 4.5/5, fav songs (i like them all a lot) The First Movement, Uncharted, Vortex, Fireworks and Save Yourself.
  5. Wont say anything but AOTY. That's it, Fantastic
  6. Now that I finally had a chance to listen to this.. what can I say, I love it. The two full tracks, uncharted especially got me begging for more, I cannot wait for this to drop
  7. I did instead. SO FUCKING HYPED RIGHT NOW AND I CANNOT LISTEN TO IT ATM SO FML. Havent listened to it, but for me it's aoty smell what's in the air
  8. Oh how i miss the "One" era of these dudes..
  9. Fell in love with this song, these dudes are doing great. Waiting for 320
  10. Kudos for knowing the quote brah. Anyway, yeah Hundredth went down the hipster road and ended up disappointing, these guys instead manage to remain consistent with time. Solace was a fucking great album
  11. This sucks balls. This band sucks balls. Used to be great back in the second wave of metalcore era, amongst Miss May I etc, The Hollow was one hell of a good album. Everything after that album sucks, this included.
  12. This might be stronger than me but i cant seem to like these guys and the song certainly doesnt help changing my mind
  13. Great song, stoked to finally hear something new from these guys with the new guitar player, high hopes for the new record
  14. song is good, i like Landon's experiments. First born's still unmatched tho
  15. That was just my personal opinion, i liked their debut a lot and this direction is no way near my music taste, it seems to me kinda generic. Not really big deal tho, just points of view kingdom