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  1. Song's not bad, just a bit monotonous. He must've liked this one a lot to get 4 versions of it in the album tho lmao
  2. Hell yeah, finally. Top notch, as always. It just saddens me this will be the conclusion of the color themed albums.
  3. I'm kinda surprised having to admit it, but I had really set my expectations so low for this album that it actually disappointed me not being THAT bad. Not a great album, but still not bad. They've for sure taken a step back in terms of complexity and tech-y riffings, but I like how the whole thing flows by seamlessly. True, probably no standout tracks that get stuck in your head at first listen, but as a whole the album surely succeeds in creating an atmosphere and carrying it on throughout the whole of its 45 minutes. As already said when the singles came out, I'm not really a fan of the new vocalist, absolutely, no way, I hate his vocals, they just suck hardcore to my ears, but somehow the music manages to keep a predominant role in the composition and swallow the vocals, leaving them to be just something to go with the music which is the main actor here. All in all, this isn't The Flesh Prevails and these dudes probably will never get at such heights again, but still Undying Light is enjoyable in its own right.
  4. Yeah that saddens me a lot too.. Since the departure of their old vocalist they've been straying away from the melodic hc sound, and I feel brave enough to say that they were one of the best acts in their niche at the time Solace came out.
  5. Omg Larissa and the boys are bringing it again. Fucking massive. Best death female vocalist out there, hands down.
  6. You're welcome mate, always a pleasure to share music! Check out The Tallest of Mountains too, great track in the vibe of Solace
  7. Yeah really, luckily I have all their old stuff in my iTunes library, but that sucks. Let's hope the new album can fill that void lol
  8. Just noticed that they've taken down most of their music from all platforms.. There's only in sickness and health plus the last 3 singles now.
  9. Their best material for me still remains the Solace EP with their old singer, when they were still more melodic hc/post rock. Peninsula is one of my favorite songs of all time, still gives me chills every time I listen to it.
  10. Well, that deluxe edition came out as the In Sickness and Health EP plus the Smoke and Decay EP, with 2/3 unreleased songs. So technically it counts as a compilation release lol Btw I agree with you, kind of strange to hear this labeled as "debut" when these dudes have been around for 7-8 years now.
  11. Phenomenal, the way they craft sad and emotional music is something incredible. Also new album out August 9th, finally a full lenght, very curious about it.
  12. Great song, liking both singles so far. Looking forward to hear the whole album, seems really promising.
  13. Not bad at all, so groovy and there's even a crunchy solo. Nothing groundbreaking or particularly original, but this is way better than mostly anything off their last two albums.
  14. Yeah Vale of Pnath is awesome, I was shocked that no one commented on this post when I found it, they're seriously one of the most promising techy death bands out there.
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