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  1. You’re kidding right? This is one of the best melodeath bands of all time, records like In the Halls of Awaiting and Above the Weeping world are some of the best music of the last 20 years, literally made history in the genre, wtf man lmao
  2. That’d be awesome, but I highly doubt it unfortunately. I feel this more like an unreleased b side from The Burning Cold than a hint of something new, but who knows, I think we’ll find out more tomorrow!
  3. Fuck yeah, wasn’t expecting new music from OG this early!
  4. Finally, one of my most anticipated releases this year. Fan-fucking-tastic, ICS Vortex came out with his best vocal delivery in recent years, and the music is straight up avant-garde with a tinge of black. Awesome, can’t wait for my vinyl to arrive.
  5. Been following the lads since like 2008, grew up with An Ocean Between Us constantly on repeat for fucking years. And now this. Full circle guys, the kings came back to claim their throne. This album shits on top of 99% of modern “metalcore” bands by miles. Until insomnium drops, definitely AOTY for me. 10/10
  6. As above. Judging from the first 2 singles, this might be the best Lacuna Coil record in a decade or even more. Definitely got me hyped
  7. Damn, wasn’t expecting this to leaks this early. Album is fantastic, the singles gave a good indication of the direction of the album, but as always, you need to listen to it in its entirety to fully appreciate the work of CoL. AOTY contender for me, lights on the hill fav track.
  8. After a couple of full run troughs, I’d say this is overall a good record, which could’ve been great but has been dragged down by a few missteps. Definitely not on par with Transmission and Vessels, I can clearly see what they’ve tried to do with this record, pushing the pedal on the mainstream alt rock side of their sound, but it didn’t pay off in the end, and the best tracks are still the ones retaining their first albums’ sound. I definitely get the Imagine Dragons reference with Faultline, thought the exact same thing when it started. Album highlights are Manifest, Telekinetic which is a fucking damn banger with even a slow paced breakdown, Stratosphere, Trials and the closer Diving Bell, which sounds 100 times better contextualized within the album.
  9. Album’s great, basically posty doing posty with a touch of acquired musical maturity. That Ozzy feature tho, is the highlight of the album, damn it’s fantastic, listened to it like 10 times in a row since it dropped on Spotify. Also that SZA feature makes for a great and catchy song, didn’t expect to like it that much.
  10. @Lord Kingdom quality update? Is it around?
  11. Kinda okay song, but the lightning definitely hasn’t hit thrice this time. After those two stellar (lol) releases that were Vessels and Transmissions, the bar was set way too high for them to meet the expectations. All the singles are good, don’t get me wrong, it’s just not as hard hitting as songs like Bringing it Down/Frequency/Die for You have been for the last albums. Also, I feel like production wise, they took a step back, but it might be just me.
  12. Magnificent, album’s gonna be fire as usual. And I like travis’ new found confidence with his “clean” vocals, complements the song nicely.
  13. Lmaoed hard at this, never heard a better definition of TAA lol. Song’s a nice progress after that messy shithole that was Missry, but still miles behind their peak albums. Chorus kinda killed the whole vibe built by the verses.
  14. Damn, just damn. Album’s gonna be stellar. So pumped for this
  15. Fuck yeah this is massive, one of the most interesting black/doom metal bands around
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