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  1. Okay, let’s be honest here. Can’t say I don’t like the song or it’s bad by any means, but god if it feels generic af. Even the lyrics now are asking alexandria’s depth level. Let’s see what FTTWTE holds for us, but if this song is an indication, damn architects, this ain’t it. Also, they now have in their ranks one of the best guitarists and composers of modern metal, it’s a fucking waste of potential using Josh for this.
  2. Well mate that’s for sure, to each his own I guess! I think it also depends on which era of the band you first came in contact with, I can definitely see why SO WHAT? has a higher appeal on the modern listener; but personally, as one who’s been following them since almost day 1, I do feel like their most recent outputs had this tentative of pleasing a broader audience by incorporating all those “cool” electronics and washing out their sound a little bit, and it wasn’t necessarily for the best. I’m surely a little biased with this take, but I feel their earlier works were more “authentic” and inspired, they cared about crafting their own sound and sticking to their trademark, while still progressing and maturing. Sorry for the lengthy and messy post, I hope you get what’s my point ahahah
  3. People who keep saying this might be their best song probably never heard The North Stands for Nothing and This Is the Six.. song’s fucking great for sure, and I love them so much, but these dudes peaked with their first three releases and nothing they put out after could ever top those. Just my two cents btw, don’t hate me buds
  4. Straight banger, getting strong character/fiction vibes from this. So happy I preordered the special edition vinyl, this records gonna kick a serious amount of ass.
  5. Damn man, I love their trademark guitar work so much. That’s what sold me 10 years ago with TNSFN, and still gets me every time now. Go support these lads.
  6. Well it’s not too late to fix that. Just listen to any of their last two records, they’re both awesome and riff heavy melodeath.
  7. Oh shit, the riff game is so hard on this. If this trend continues, they’re gonna outclass Embers of a Dying World with the new record
  8. If you’re interested, I’ll drop here the link to an early review based on the listening party of a few days ago, interesting read.
  9. Loving how they finally managed to combine their most recent synth heavy sound with some old school tasty riffs, seems like they finally found the right balance between old and new. Song’s a banger, curious to hear the album in full. @AMNESIK as said above, definitely Character and Fiction.
  10. Hell yeah bro, check it out The whole record deserves a listen tho, this is just the strangest track on it lmao
  11. You should check out these guys’ previous album, completely bat shit crazy, they sampled The blues brothers and tossed in a jazzy instrumental track too
  12. This is trash exactly like the last album, bummed af because last single was great and I thought maybe they were back at it with good songs. But hey, my mistake, still emo/teen garbage. And do not misunderstand me, they've always had all those depressed emo/teen awful lyrics, but at least the music was great at best and good at worst until let the ocean take me, everything coming after that is dog fart quality. Sorry if I offened your fav band, just my two cents here.
  13. Definitely worth the wait, loving this more mature sound, and especially how good and very well blended with the music the vocals finally sound. This monolith has all is needed to be a spectacular work of art.
  14. One of my fav bands since my teens, if these two singles are representative of the whole record, well brace yourselves for the riff-fest extravaganza my lads, King Josh is back at it.
  15. So that time of the year is here again! Even tho I haven't been as active as before this past year, here's the list of the records I enjoyed more this year. 1- Rammstein - Rammstein 2- Thornhill - The Dark Pool 3- Cult of Luna - A Dawn to Fear 4- Shadow of Intent - Melancholy 5-Can Bardd - The Last Rain 6- Suldusk - Lunar Falls 7- Insomnium - Heart Like a Grave 8- Whitechapel - The Valley 9- Fit for an Autopsy - The Sea of Tragic Beasts 10- Soilwork - Verkligheten PS: @Anton Chigurhi'd strongly suggest you to check out 5 and 6..
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