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  1. It's here, finally, can't wait to blast this. Thank you as always
  2. Super stoked to hear that 10 minutes track in full omg Album’s gonna rip Plus I definitely won’t call this deathcore, just like many people call TBDM deathcore and they’re definetly not. This is more death metal/melodic death metal with some deathcore and symphonic influences.
  3. Damn how have I slept so hard on this one, fell completely off my radar. Such a catchy single, after rare/ultrarare I'm super excited to see what’s coming next. New single on June 27!
  4. What he said. been waiting on this, didn’t disappoint.
  5. Track is fucking brutally awesome, as always top notch from these guys, plus Ben Duerr is a monster behind the mic. Little bummed they didn’t carry on their halo theme, but hey, the music’s so good anyway.
  6. I actually hate them for taking up this dude to sing, because the instrumentals are fucking top notch HOAC (even tho I've found the production to be a little lacking compared to Deliverance), but the singer damn, really takes them down a mile. He's not even bad at singing, his cleans are really good, he just doesn't fit with the band's style and music at all. Decent record, but I don't see myself spinning it again in the future, I'll stick with the first 3 records.
  7. Good god, this shit slaps. So fucking pumped for the album.
  8. Great album imho, really catchy and full of memorable hooks, modern but still keeping that Rammstein's trademark sound. Auslander is a fucking banger, and the slower songs are great too. I foresee it will divide fans a lot, but hey, it's Rammstein, they exist to divide opinions lol
  9. Finally a good single, totally shits on the first two songs. As said above, very Creature-esque, and that's by any means a bad thing. I really wish more songs on the album will be on the same vibe as this one.
  10. Been waiting for an actually good album from Imminence since 2014, and I'm finally rewarded. Album is fantastic, they managed to take the good from I and mix it with some more commercial vibes from This Is Goodbye, and the result is surprisingly great. Well done, fantastic record front to back, and I'm liking a lot the new mixing of The Sickness too.
  11. This album is beautiful, period. Been waiting for it since they dropped the first single, and they fucking delivered.
  12. This album is fucking incredible, I highly reccomand to check it out. Niilo Sevanen from insomnium on vocals, it's just like Insomnium went on crack in the middle of a battle over some icy mountains while worshipping satan. Do you get what I mean?
  13. Jesus fucking christ what's wrong with them, what the hell is Brand New Numb supposed to be. Disguise is okayish, breakdown is sick; artwork is too ugly to be real tho. When they'll realize they're actually a good metalcore band and drop that alt rock shit, maybe we'll have a 100% good album lmao
  14. The mighty Sunn O))) strike again.
  15. Oh my god the memories are hitting hard af, remember jamming these dudes in high school. Re-recorded version is really cool tho
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