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  1. Ta13oo comes to mind as an appropriately lengthed hip hop project
  2. I listened to Scorpion twice on release night. Tbf I'm a Drake Stan And the album could have been nothing but Aubrey farting on a snare drum for 25 tracks and I'd have still spun it twice I get what you're saying though. Nobody wants the amount of Migos that Migos think that we want. Rap and hip hop records should hover around 10 tracks. It's always been a genre full of filler
  3. I don't get Kodak's appeal. He had one song that I liked cause it had a dope melody, y'all know the one
  4. This album is terrible. Outside of Peep, N, N. And xxx is anyone else putting out music in this genre that isn't complete cringey garbage? Put me on, cause I love those 3 * Juice Wrld, I also like though his stuff is pretty cringe
  5. Jid is one of the dopest young rappers. I fuck with him hard. He sounds allot like K dot, that's my only complaint
  6. I originally didn't dig this dude but after a few listens Hexada really stuck with me. Excited to finally hear this. Dude definitely has his own sound
  7. I mean, this can't possibly be serious. I like Mikey's vocals normally. Not sure why they put an obnoxious amount of auto tune on them or who thought that it sounded good but you're right, they should be fired and possibly beaten
  8. Ahahah about 20 seconds. I love MF so I listened as long as I possibly could. They owe me an apology
  9. Thanks , I didn't know this was coming. I like this dudes stuff a lot
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