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  1. Feelings I'm ready to get ahold of this record
  2. Is this guy serious? I can't tell He sounds like 21 savage though
  3. I'll give it another try. I saw them on the co-headlining ETID tour. Kind of an odd lineup but they both killed it. TBS kinda surprised me. ETID killing it live is standard
  4. I love TBS but haven't really gotten into anything of theirs after Louder Now
  5. This is pretty ok Heavy on the old school TBS vibes. Should have kept the old name though
  6. Fucking Counterparts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So there are more new songs coming??? Nvmnd I see there are 2 more now
  7. I'd rather listen to The Lonely Island at least they know their music is a joke
  8. Well, that was pretty fuckin sweet. I'm now pretty hyped for this record. Fingers crossed the rest of it is this good
  9. Is there a new record or EP coming? Or is this just a loose track?
  10. Was really excited for this Was not dissapinted
  11. This is one of my favorite NIN songs. Did these guys murder it or is it decent?