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  1. Rate futures, I'm not familiar with. They sound like old MTB?
  2. I'm a fan of mgk but he is not very consistent. His Lace up mixtape is still his best work, followed by the lace up album. This, well this is awful
  3. Ok, I came to ask if this sucks and I see menos and planet comparisons. Now I'm hype
  4. It would be dope if someone felt like throwing their discography up.
  5. Phenomenal I love these guys, always have Transit blues was SO good. Underrated AF
  6. This is so good, seriously may be better than his first record. Don't sleep on 6lack
  7. That's crazy to me Through Struggle? 94 hours?
  8. So you do not like anything they have put out ?
  9. Yes because I'm all alone on that thought
  10. AILD have consistently put out great metalcore since Frail Words. Catchy, well written tunes full of sweet riffs. Hype is warranted
  11. If you don't "get" Zeppelin and The Beatles I dunno what to tell you
  12. I don't get half of the metalcore and pop punk that is praised here constantly. Alot of it sounds super same and generic, to me