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  1. Love these guys. New album coming ?
  2. I originally didn't dig this dude but after a few listens Hexada really stuck with me. Excited to finally hear this. Dude definitely has his own sound
  3. I mean, this can't possibly be serious. I like Mikey's vocals normally. Not sure why they put an obnoxious amount of auto tune on them or who thought that it sounded good but you're right, they should be fired and possibly beaten
  4. Ahahah about 20 seconds. I love MF so I listened as long as I possibly could. They owe me an apology
  5. Thanks , I didn't know this was coming. I like this dudes stuff a lot
  6. Best stuff thugger has put out in awhile. It's a good ep. Didn't really dislike any of the tracks on here
  7. If anyone is unfamiliar, I grabbed the Grand Fishing Opera record from here the other day and it's definitely for fans of old MTB and TTNG. GREAT record
  8. Rate futures, I'm not familiar with. They sound like old MTB?
  9. I'm a fan of mgk but he is not very consistent. His Lace up mixtape is still his best work, followed by the lace up album. This, well this is awful
  10. Ok, I came to ask if this sucks and I see menos and planet comparisons. Now I'm hype
  11. It would be dope if someone felt like throwing their discography up.
  12. Phenomenal I love these guys, always have Transit blues was SO good. Underrated AF
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