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  1. No, it literally did not make any sense. You linked a different band covering the same song and mentioned a SpongeBob character. In no way did that answer my question. Not anyway that I understood at least
  2. Can anyone confirm that this is the singer from Traitors?
  3. MGK has always been hit or miss for me. This record is no different. Some of its good, some of its meh but The Gunner, woo! That shit is lit
  4. This is not country. It's tractor rap
  5. Thanks, love this guy's stuff. He is one of the few artists bringing real country music back.
  6. This cover art is possibly the most blatant rip off I've ever seen
  7. This is great ! Love me some Willie. Thanks
  8. Goddammit finally !!!
  9. Damn, that's is Jamie Elsewhere's cover. Just put the 2 side by side and it's definitely the same picture
  10. Scogin does no wrong. Can't wait to hear the rest of this record
  11. To my knowledge Joey Bada$$ has never released shit
  12. Hell yah , been checking for this thanks
  13. This band is just so boring to me, this song is no different . Not a big fan of Mabbit anyway. Loved his stuff with BTF but everything after that is..meh
  14. Been checking for Gangsta Gibbs Thanks. This is gonna be good