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  1. Amazing record! Better than .5. I like all songs, except interludes and my pain. A Liars`s Funeral is a masterpiece!!!
  2. I love It. Another record on my AOTY list. Good job BO.
  3. Never was a Northlane fan. But this is pure gold, very fresh sound. Their best album, no doubt. This record for sure will be in my AOTY list.
  4. This album will be very interesting to listen. Cant wait. Might be their best.
  5. quality of sound is very good for 128kps. Amazing album! I highly recommend to listen.
  6. I like both, panihida and hospodi. But i enjoy more Hospodi, because of the atmosphere, memorable songs and production.
  7. Graveyard shift was much better. This is good too. Maybe need more listens. favorites: disguise, headache, undead ahead, holding on to smoke, another Life.
  8. Hollywood whore Passed out on the floor I'm sorry but the party's over Ohhh...wrong song
  9. amazing album, their best! 10/10. I hope they will release something new this year, or maybe a deluxe version of this album with some bonus tracks!
  10. Very crafted album! Love It! Emotional, passionate, beautiful. 10/10. Their best, no doubt!
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