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  1. I have buyed this album, because its so good! AOTY for me, no doubt!
  2. You can listen Sample here track number 12
  3. Its not a Bonus track... the Bonus track its called ,,To the light”.
  4. i just cant wait for album. Amazing song. I must pre-order album.
  5. I feel like i’m back in ‘00. Nostalgia. Amazing album, one of the best this year. Thank you!
  6. Luke i'm your father P.S. Amazing song. Cant wait for album!!!
  7. I think the album is pretty good. Some songs are catchy af!
  8. 50/50. Nothing interesting or new.
  9. Amazing record! Better than .5. I like all songs, except interludes and my pain. A Liars`s Funeral is a masterpiece!!!
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