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  1. Never was a fan of the band! But this album is amazing! One of the best this year!
  2. Amazing! Cant wait for album! My favorite band, fan since 2008!
  3. Another record on my AOTY list. For me this is better than Worlds Apart. p.s. Drew Fulk is one of the best producers.
  4. In love. Very emotional record. For sure It will be in my AOTY list.
  5. 1. Bring me the horizon (2008-2013) 2. Architects 3. Bullet for my valentine 4. Trivium 5. The devil wears prada 6. Motionless in white 7. Blessthefall 8. Asking Alexandria (2010-2016) 9. As i lay Dying 10. Currents
  6. Not bad, but nothing new/original/fresh. Its Ok for me, but at the same time im disappointed. Didnt like Down to hell and i think The Violence doesnt fit with the rest of the album.
  7. Matt Good is a terrible producer. Damn... this mix.
  8. My personal AOTY contender. Beautiful record. Thank you!
  9. Matt Good sucks! My ear started bleeding....
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