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  1. This album hits you so hard. They put in this album their pain and love. You can feel It, if you listen careful. So emotional! My AOTY for sure. Rest in peace Tom Searle. AOGHAU will be forever my favorite album, a true masterpiece.
  2. Amazing album, amazing band! So beautiful and original sound! My AOTY 10/10
  3. I have the right to say what I think and you guys can criticise my opinion, I dont have a problem with that. Edit: I was very wrong about this album. After a few tries i think this is very beautiful and emotional album, love the atmosphere and lyrics. Damn i was soooo wrong!
  4. After listening this record +30 times, i changed my opinion. This album is their best. Maybe a little bit better then The satanist. Pure gold. Amazing record. I love the riffs, vocals and atmosphere. Now i cant wait for japanese Bonus track.
  5. Amazing album, but nothing can beat The Satanist. now i waiting for japanese Bonus track.
  6. i`m not a fan of ffak, but this album is amazing! ! i love all songs!
  7. This is their best album. I love the new sound, very fresh. 9/10
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