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  1. Graveyard shift was much better. This is good too. Maybe need more listens. favorites: disguise, headache, undead ahead, holding on to smoke, another Life.
  2. Hollywood whore Passed out on the floor I'm sorry but the party's over Ohhh...wrong song
  3. amazing album, their best! 10/10. I hope they will release something new this year, or maybe a deluxe version of this album with some bonus tracks!
  4. Very crafted album! Love It! Emotional, passionate, beautiful. 10/10. Their best, no doubt!
  5. Love it! waiting so much for album! disguise is so f”cking catchy!
  6. Lets listen! Not a big fan of long length songs.
  7. Sounds catchy/good. But nothing oringinal. Like someone said.... this albums dont have identity.
  8. No doubt, this is their best album! 10/10. Waiting so much for Bonus track!
  9. Amazing! Thanks! Now i waiting for quality and for Bonus track ,,sea of trees”.
  10. Love the album, but i dont like the quality of sound, terrible! who mixed and produced?
  11. Amazing album. I didnt like House, in this Life and not alone. Rest of the songs are so damn good! 8/10
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