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  1. U guys really stand for track 8?? I really don't fucking get it. I guess sitting through a heavy song just doesn't exist anymore imo.
  2. Bringing that old school underoath/devil wears prada vibes🔥
  3. Some weird shit? More like some technical weirdcore
  4. True, their album portals through ophiuchus is one of my top deathcore albums
  5. This is neither deathcore nor tech death lmao. More like ambient progressive post metal. Still fire dough
  6. This, cerebral rot, along with scorched ,ulthar and hyperdontia got me heavy on that osdm lately. i thought i may have been a little late.. but this is proving to be good timing imo🔥
  7. @Anton Chigurh never keep your opinions to yourself, imo.
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