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  1. this band hasn't been very good since the reject of Humanity, but not too bad for crunk/clown/circuscore imo
  2. I'm trippin balls.. imo
  3. I like what I hear! imo. Would say this is definitely not metalcore but hardcore tho. imo
  4. @Frak The Gods *Only a matter of time before these dudes get signed. Really damn good song!* but is this iyo thoo? hmm
  5. @BRDSX team "imo" is best team if you ask me, imo
  6. Hecatomb is pretty good tho, also imo ☻
  7. @The Top Hat whether my opinion is right or wrong, I did indeed mean to put that here, so still correct
  8. @Lukyfan yeah I would definitely agree, I was sort of expecting this to be better given the single Hayato was pretty impressive. For someone into progressive tech death that is. Sadly the album as whole wasn't as consistent..
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