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  1. Yesss thank you🙏🙏 this and black curse are my aoty, it's not too soon to decide.. imo
  2. Theres nothing particularly doom about this, more dissonant grindcore than anything. Still good death tho imo
  3. Instrumentally written by Aaron of Sever the King. Some filthy grooves
  4. Now this is sum progressive rock, imo
  5. @Foxlass I'm surprised many people haven't mentioned cerebral rot and fetid, their albums still ride as some of my tops this year, but all of those mentioned, along with this have been making this year a filthy amazing year for oldschool death worship. Edit: blood incantations leaked album is already my number 1 but that isn't out yet.. so this or new mortiferum will hold that spot this next month
  6. U guys really stand for track 8?? I really don't fucking get it. I guess sitting through a heavy song just doesn't exist anymore imo.
  7. Some weird shit? More like some technical weirdcore
  8. True, their album portals through ophiuchus is one of my top deathcore albums
  9. This is neither deathcore nor tech death lmao. More like ambient progressive post metal. Still fire dough
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