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  1. Miss the sound the had going on the first couple of singles, splinter was so good
  2. Really hoping they decide to release an instrumental version, can't really get with them cleans ;(
  3. Wtf happened, how is this so bad when solstice was so good.. 😓
  4. @Centralia121483 lol k, thanks for reiterating what I pretty much said 😂
  5. I've come to terms that this is a necessary album to have a psychedelic voyage to🍄
  6. @utahman1971 as much as I also dislike this song or direction they're taking, we're better off just abandoning hope in the band than complaining about them following their heart or doing what they feel like doing. I respect a band that makes music they love, over making music just to please the crowd.
  7. Love that they've only gotten more chaotic, kinda miss the atmospheric rock elements they would incorporate in their first ep, anyone who likes this and hasn't checked out their previous material, I highly suggest their monotonne ep🕯
  8. I remember hearing I stand alone on an army commercial like 10 years ago and being sold on joining the military lol
  9. Just gonna listen to some good ol horizons and try to forget I just heard this
  10. @mjistheway701 lol u never know, it could have been some other band you were referring to who spells their band name that way.. nonetheless this indeed thalls.. I'm sure you probably already know Humanitys last breath.. more deathcore type thall.
  11. @mjistheway701 if u mean vildhjarta then I'm about to scope thiss
  12. Lowkey their last album The Mortal Compass destroys this, this a little more monotonous in melodies and rhythms but I can appreciate the theme and sound they were now going for now, they now sound like a deathcore meshuggah.