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  1. also by the guitarist of this band, but probably a little more melodic than usual stk material
  2. Previous single was a bit better imo, but this is still packin heat🔥
  3. I think you mixed genres with the new Ariana grande single.. js
  4. @andrewmarjoram now I want a tuna sandwich too thankss
  5. @Venomborn I didn't mean that directed str8 at you, mostly at the comments made along with the post. I'm sure most people who didn't like this wouldn't have bothered to post their opinion about it if it wasn't asked for.
  6. @Venomborn why is that a shame? You could be the only person who likes or enjoys this, no one else's opinion should play a part in that. People out here pay too much mind to others opinion, like they need approval or to be reassured of what they like and listen to.. smh
  7. I applaud the genre labeling. Neverr really got into aborted. Is this better or same as their older stuff?
  8. @LKA I didn't mean that to be directed at you. Or that this is bad, or that deathcore/death metal need be technical in order to be good. I was just curious, most of the time bands with even mislabel themselves. They either really believe they are a certain genre, or they just know trolling is a great self promoting strategy. Not saying names but.. uhumm WD
  9. Technically this is deathcore/death metal. But I'm genuinely interested in what part of the song anyone here finds technical.
  10. @xcblackdiamond I'm in awe people still try to understand vocals in metal. Like look up the lyrics or just enjoy the story the music tells. Or listen to country or something audible
  11. @redeemer96 accurate enough lol. Members from knocked loose are actually gay though, js