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  1. Love this album, singles were the best imo.
  2. (I submitted FLAC for you fam ) Enjoyed listening through this album, but it's not really one I'll go back to often.
  3. Loved the track when it was played live, and I love the studio version. If it releases (again) anytime soon, I'll submit FLAC for you guys
  4. Dang how fast is your upload speed?! Was about to send in FLAC for you guys, lol. So far it's sounding good
  5. Dang, was hoping for FLAC. Guess I'll have to keep waiting.
  6. Been waiting for this EP, pre-order and everything
  7. Challenge?! Let's go!.... just kidding I haven't played in forever, gg.
  8. Just listening to the YouTube video linked makes me want to play my Tony Hawk games again.