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  1. Fine with the style and sound, lyrics are a meh for me. Still an enjoyable song though.
  2. Just checked all of the ones available on the subreddit at the moment. Seems like they were all done the same way. YouTube rips + Google Play (or other digital stores). RIP. I'm keeping watch on a bunch of places hoping for a good / legit vinyl-rip. If I find one, or manage to get the vinyl myself, I'll submit it.
  3. This seems like it's ripped from mixed sources. All tracks except 4 & 7 seem like they're ripped from a legit web source. Meanwhile, 4 & 7 seems like it's ripped from the YouTube uploads for the tracks. (possibly 6 too, as the spectrogram looks weird) To make a long story short, I'm sad there's not a good rip of this vinyl yet. And I can't listen to a good copy as I couldn't get a vinyl myself before they sold out.
  4. This is only “LOVE”, the other part hasn’t been leaked / released.
  5. Well. Finally listened to the album. I'm disappointed. RIP my hype. Hoping for something new on their next release, not something like this again. This actually hurt to finish the album. The singles plus like 2 or 3 other songs are good to me. The rest of the album is a throw away to me. That sucks for me to say for this band.
  6. There's both an English & Japanese version. the one with 90% English is the Japanese version. The one with 100% English is the English release. Was hoping for the Japanese release to have a lot more Japanese than English, but after the "Japanese Version" singles were released, I knew that wasn't happening.
  7. Haven't gone through the whole album yet, I'm waiting for 320kbps or lossless before doing so. (Maybe my CDs will show up soon enough.) From the singles released, I'm not too against the pop sound. I enjoyed Ambitions, so maybe I'll enjoy this too. We'll see.
  8. Even though I prefer older ONE OK ROCK releases, I've still been able to enjoy the recent releases. I thought Ambitions was a great album. I guess I'll be one of the few people here that's hyped for the new album.
  9. Had to change my video since Hot Mulligan's "Dary" music video just disappeared. Had it downloaded though, so it's not like it matters now :pizza:

  10. Love this album, singles were the best imo.
  11. (I submitted FLAC for you fam ) Enjoyed listening through this album, but it's not really one I'll go back to often.
  12. Loved the track when it was played live, and I love the studio version. If it releases (again) anytime soon, I'll submit FLAC for you guys
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