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  1. I'll tell ya what.. ABR was and probably still is one of my favorite Metalcore bands, but I didn't enjoy it compared to their earlier material. I only revisited the album two times since it's release. With that said, Misery Signals delivers once again even after being absent for awhile and the latest release is definetely better than ABR's newest.
  2. So, besides this being short, how is it compared to their previous material? I've only heard the single posted.
  3. Damn, this is good! Welcome back dudes. Thanks Uploader!
  4. These guys are actually really good! love the guitar work!!
  5. Oh look, trying to stay relevant. What is this garbage
  6. Love how amazing their clean singer/drummer is as well. No matter how much music in my inventory, I always find myself playing everything by these dudes on repeat. Never gets boring.
  7. Can't get over how consistent these guys are. I've never been bored with anything they've released and this album proves they can continue making amazing music. Probably the best Post-Hardcore band going. 10/10 I have everything they own and there's not one bad song. I pray they continue on this trend. Absolutely phenomenal band.
  8. Where's the groove? Not digging it at all.
  9. I'm all for change but none of these singles are remotely good in comparison to their older stuff. 🤷‍♂️
  10. hang the gloves up Frankie. TF happened to these guys.
  11. These guys can do no wrong. Not one bad song to be found So stoked!
  12. 10/10 for me. Vegabond absolutely crushes! This album is a masterpiece.
  13. Jfc this goes hard. Now so am I! 🔥🔥🔥
  14. Wow! How did I let this band slip past me. They're incredible. Some of the best metalcore I've heard lately.
  15. Just made my day! Going to jam the hell out of this.
  16. Amazing album from start to finish. What a banger!
  17. Enjoyed their last ep. Really diggin this one too.
  18. Been a fan since the beginning. I've never been disappointed in an album, but what's going on with Jake's vocals? I think it's finally going. I mean, this isn't a bad album, but it's not their best. Something seems off.
  19. This is probably their best work to date. Those riffs are catchy af!
  20. This album is a masterpiece. Unique and not one boring song to be found.
  21. Some people will never be happy regardless of what direction a band takes. I, in the other hand, absolutely love this album. To each their own.
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