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  1. Why am I getting Feed Her To The Sharks vibes?
  2. Favorite album by these guys hands down.
  3. Holyee shit! My body is ready!
  4. I was listening to it on a shitty Bluetooth speaker, lmao. That vs my $2500 surround. HUGE difference.
  5. These dudes do no wrong. Absolutely killing it. Cannot WAIT for the full album!
  6. Now that I have a better listen on my home theater, I retract my comment. I listened to this at work earlier. Diggin it. Kinda reminds me of Issues(ish) but better.
  7. The cleans are really turning me off. The musicianship and everything else is fantastic.
  8. I wouldn't go as far as an AOTY. At least not for me. With that said, this is their best material to date. Digging everything I've heard from the new upcoming release. I think Tower of Pain is my favorite release off of it so far from what I've heard. In terms of AOTY, I have to go with The Healing for me. Silent Planet close second.
  9. AOTY for me so far. This is top notch. 👍
  10. Yet another year for amazing music. Awesome stuff right here! Thanks up loader!
  11. Blown away at how good this is. What a banger!
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