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  1. Ex Attila drummer, ex It Lies Within vocalist and ex Deception of a Ghost guitarist. It's a super group.
  2. Reminds me more of Attack! Attack! Than ISS. Don't think it's meant to be serious 🤷‍♂️
  3. I don't think I've heard anything so beautiful. This album is a masterpiece!
  4. Seen these dudes last week at IMATTERFEST in Chemung at the fairgrounds. Probably the best band that performed live next to Traitors. They still have it after all these years.
  5. Dude It slaps. 3 songs in(minus the singles). Blows them out of the water. Outdid themselves with this one.
  6. 😲 So Jammin this once it's done. Thanks uploader!
  7. Love it. He did vocals on the first Arcanius album as well.
  8. This is terrible. I'm all for change but ffs, so many other bands did this better.
  9. Sigh. Not bad, not good. Hopefully the rest of the album is better than the last two singles. 🙄
  10. The last single was great. This one is even better IMHO.
  11. Not bad at all. Worth checking out.
  12. Definitely worth the wait of the 320. This album is fantastic.
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