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  1. This is Much better than the last repetitive single.
  2. Greg is up there in terms of vocals with Dickie Allen, Ben Deurr and Dan Watson. His range and technique is absolutely ridiculous.
  3. Technically, not new but here's this.
  4. Been Jammin all of those and this is top tier deathcore. Vocals remind me of Ben Deurr from Shadows of Intent.
  5. Another amazing deathcore band to add to my dozens of songs on my Playlist. Reminds me alot like Shadow of Intent.
  6. Can't believe this doesn't have more reviews. This ep is a banger!
  7. Loved these guys with Austin Carlile, and I love them with Aaron Pauley. Probaby because I was a huge fan of Jamie's Elsewhere. Jack Black really outdid himself on this one. 😂
  8. Well this exceeded my expectations. This album is fantastic. In my top ten for sure.
  9. Wow! Where to begin? My most anticipated album has finally arrived. The Kings of Metalcore are back. They haven't skipped a beat. In fact, I think they've gotten better after all these years. Cleans are so much more matured, Tim's vocals sound more pissed off than ever. Not one boring song exists on this album.. 10/10. AOTY.
  10. One of the best Deathcore albums I've heard this year. I Am Erect
  11. Manifest sounds alot like "let down" by Palisades.
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