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  1. I think just about every band with any talent at all is more creative and unique that RHCP. I don’t believe they’ve had a career this long. It’s all based on bullshit like live shows with socks on their cocks, and not the actual music. Songs like Can’t Stop and Give It Away literally make me want to vomit. So yea...MIW is far more creative 👍.
  2. I think Legacy is my favorite. I hope it’s a single.
  3. I like most of it. Definitely a few really good Korn songs on here, a little of the normal Manson...but all good. His voice is it’s sounded so far.
  4. I meant that Chester is clearly singing in that song. Thats all. My issue really is the timing. If Chester were alive and well, I could just write this off as a crappy song off a crappy album. But since Mike is doing solo stuff now, he should have released it as a solo song. He could have given writing credit to any band member who had creative input. Just seems wrong to me to release an LP song without Chester in it after hes dead. Ya know? Just my opinion.
  5. He most certainly does NOT sing In Between by himself. I’ll give you the b-side. Those two songs are so bad that I already forgot all about them. I don’t think I ever heard them in their entirety. So....a b-side, and one shitty song off their last album are all Mike. Got it. 👍 My original point still stands. Should have just released it as a solo song. Real LP songs have Chester in them.
  6. Yea....rap songs. I can’t think of any that Mike sings by himself. If this song had made the album, Chester would have sang AT LEAST half of it. So therefore, (in my humblest, ready to get down voted opinion) there is no point in releasing this as a LP song. It’s not! He’s doing a solo thing now right? So release it that way. Cause this ain’t LP.
  7. Why? Why would they release a shit Mike song now under the guise of Linkin Park?
  8. Wow. Truly horrible. Some of the worst lyrics I’ve ever heard.
  9. Really cool. Love his voice. I too would really like them to release that Thriller cover. I can only find really shitty recordings of it.
  10. He had to make a fucking pop album. *Eye roll* I really hate these guys who feel the need to make pop solo albums. It always ends up costing us good music. And I don't like this song at all. I hope the last ones good. Who knows how long it will before they make more. Sigh.
  11. Not one bad song, and a few great ones. 10/10. I don’t understand how anyone could like this band, and not love this album.
  12. I preordered the other cover. I very rarely buy cds, but I wouldn’t want to get stuck with this bullshit cover one day.
  13. I agree with most others. Disguise is good, the other is bad.
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