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  1. He had to make a fucking pop album. *Eye roll* I really hate these guys who feel the need to make pop solo albums. It always ends up costing us good music. And I don't like this song at all. I hope the last ones good. Who knows how long it will before they make more. Sigh.
  2. Not one bad song, and a few great ones. 10/10. I don’t understand how anyone could like this band, and not love this album.
  3. I preordered the other cover. I very rarely buy cds, but I wouldn’t want to get stuck with this bullshit cover one day.
  4. I’m aware, hence I’m going to see them. FIR , however, is seriously horrid. I could not hate a band more.
  5. Going to see INK next month, and I’ll be leaving before this abomination takes the stage. Either that, or I’m throwing a cabbage at him.
  6. I really don't like deathcore at all, but since metalcore was included I gave it a shot. I'm very impressed! I hope they have more songs like this.
  7. This ones good too. And the release is not far off. Good job making some hype.
  8. Hey.  Thanks for the Sevendust albums sir.  

  9. I like everything from their last album better than this.
  10. Love the song, but an EP?? Seriously??? This is what comes from fucking around with bullshit solo projects.
  11. Never heard of them, but really good song. Give me more!
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