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  1. Thanks. This band had some really good songs. Unfortunately they also hadn’t some really laughably bad songs. I hope they’re more successful this time around.
  2. Lol. FFDP and ATR are almost exactly the same band. Have been for awhile now. Lyrically, musically....all of it. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with the production. Making fun of one and liking the other is a sign of how impressionable that person is. Im not complaining though, I like both.
  3. Just finished...then youtubed what they sound like live. I wish them the best of luck trying the follow INK for the next 2 months.
  4. Meh. Best one so far IMO, but that’s not saying much. Just like the other two, it sounds like it already appeared on three of their albums.
  5. Just got home from the show in Easton. And oh my GAWD! Seriously folks, don’t miss out. What a fucking show! If I could have picked two songs from this album for them to play, it would have been Stabbing and It. They played them both. 🤘🤘🤘. They played Savages too, which is far better live. This was also the best crowd I’ve seen in a looooong time. It seemed everyone there knew all the lyrics to every song. GO SEE INK!!
  6. Wow. I hate them both! Thats most unfortunate. I hope neither of these qualify as the "bangers" he claims are on this album. Everything on Crooked Teeth is better than these two.
  7. I think it’s just too simple, and beneath them. I don’t hate it, I just don’t like it.
  8. I hate horns for the most part, but they fit perfectly in that song.
  9. Im slowing them down as far as my player will allow....and I got nothin. Friday it is then.
  10. How’s every body doing with lyrics? Wont lie, I’m having a hard time with fast screamy verses. Anyone figure out Stabbing or It?
  11. Wow. Feeling very grateful today. Grateful for free public WiFi at Dunkin’ Donuts, to @codeorange who is the hero of the day, thank soooo fucking much!, and for KL in general. Stabbing, The Jig Is Up, Rocking The Boat, Love Bites, and It, along with the three singles are simply perfect! The little solo is Merry Axemas is fucking tremendous! Really the only song that’s not too great is Savages. Looking at the other posts in the thread, I like BVB, and Skillet, and I STILL find it generic. Tough to to beat this one for AOTY
  12. Only downloaded this cause you guys are hyping it. I think its pretty good. Fire and Enemy were my favorites. Can we have INK now?
  13. I have, indeed, enjoyed my slay. Not too different, but it is a little better
  14. In fairness, whenever a band that screams releases a song without screaming, there are a TON of complaints about it on here. The ONLY song i can think of that was immune to this was A Grave Mistake. INK gets a pass for some reason. I was ready to fist fight anyone who complained, and there were none....not here, not even on the vile cesspool of villainy that is Facebook. As far as "integrity"....its an interesting way of thinking of it. Bands obviously want to make money, and appeal to the biggest audience they can. So can they compromise their integrity by releasing music that is less technical, or "dumbed down"? I don't know how I feel about that. I didn't feel that Bullet for my Valentine lacked integrity by making Gravity. They just tried something different. And from and instrumental standpoint, that album is a huge departure. Personally, I'd be happy if just made Venom or Fever over and over for the rest of their career. But I don't fault them for trying new things, even if its not exactly what I want or expect. So I don't know man.....I get the impression that complaints have more to do about the screaming. I suppose I could be wrong though.