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  1. I like everything from their last album better than this.
  2. Love the song, but an EP?? Seriously??? This is what comes from fucking around with bullshit solo projects.
  3. Never heard of them, but really good song. Give me more!
  4. Love it. Really can’t understand why so many of you are giving them shit.
  5. I’m embarrassed for them. It’s like they’re trying to be an 80s pop band now. I really don’t understand why they would think that’s a good idea.
  6. I like this one better too. I was a little worried after the first 15 seconds or so. But it got a lot better in a hurry.
  7. All due respect.....NONSENSE! First, I don't even know what you mean by "commercial". There is NO commercial rock anymore. I just searched for "rock radio" stations in NYC. Theres one alternative station, and the heaviest band they've played today was Linkin Park! Even The Old Me would be considered waaaaay too metal for that station. The other station hasn't played a song written after 1992. Furthermore, go check some threads. When the screaming stops, the hate starts. It happens EVERY TIME! Go read the thread for Gravity...what are the complaints about that album. Its too electronic, there are no solos, the riffs suck and don't sound like Bullet, blah, blah. And yet, everyone LOVES Don't Need You and Crawling! Please remind me how the solos go in those two songs? Or please show me the tab for the technical Bullet like riffs? Hmmmm, yet they love them anyway. WHY?? Lets think. I'm tellin ya dude....its the vocals. The vast majority of the vocal KL crowd will crucify a band the second the screaming stops. And they'll do what you did....accuse a band of trying to be "commercial", even though there really is no such thing for a rock band. The spotifys of the world will play MMF on the same playlists for this album as they did 3 years ago....nothing changes, and the same audience is reached. And I completely disagree that guitar is ANY different on this album than on any of their others. Its insane to say otherwise. He's not screaming though, so KL hates it. Thats just the way it is.
  8. People on here seemed pretty determined to hate it long before they heard it. I just listened to Challenger, Unconditional, and This Light, and this album is not THAT much different. The songs are shorter, which is obviously disappointing, but the biggest difference is the lack of dirty vocals, which typically goes over like a turd in a punch bowl around here. He doesn't sound dead, the guitar riffs are a catchy as they always were, and I'm sure their career will survive the hate of the KL scream loving crowd.
  9. Unpopular opinion apparently, but I really like it! I think his voice is much more suited to clean vocals. It is a bit short though. They should have had at least two more songs if so many were going to be right around 3 minutes. Wish they hadn't ruined that one song with the rapper though. Why the fuck do rock bands think we'll like that? And its the best 128 I've ever heard.
  10. Don’t like it. I couldn’t possibly listen to this album straight through again. If the highs were clean, I’d probably love it. Instead they sound like a screech, and they’re in eeevery song. I could maybe listen to Hereafter again at some point, but that’s about it. Crazy IMO how many people think it’s AOTY. It doesn’t deserve to hold The Silver Screams jock strap as far as I’m concerned. To each their own though.
  11. What the fuck!?! They've been getting progressively worse, but this a level of horrendous I never thought they'd reach. I loved this band in the STS and DU days. Wow are those days gone.
  12. @Ossy33xxx how many previous bands does that guy have? Based of this one song, I like the guy they have now better.
  13. Never heard of them, but the single sounds pretty good. I’ll have to get the rest later.
  14. Kids don’t have attention spans worth a shit these days. Song lengths have suffered accordingly. It’s a damn shame.
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