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  1. This would be awesome if Slandar and Crankdat....god, I got a little nauseous just typing those names....had nothing to do with it. Would have made a great AA song. Instead, IMO, it’s absolute crap. Dubstep...🙄
  2. Eeeexactly! He’s almost done screaming. He can’t do it live like he used to. They’ll be much better as just a “metal” band anyway.
  3. I don't believe its this hard to get a few Japanese bonus tracks. Does the internet not work over there?
  4. Lol. Im good sir. Not angry, just passionate .
  5. It’s seriously like we haven’t heard the same albums!!! There are PLENTY of screams on both Fever and TT. Are the guitar riffs different from the other albums? No! Drums? NO! You are literally calling it hard rock because of the AMPLIFIER SETTINGS!!!!! There is less distortion....that’s it! Listen to again. It’s naught to me if everyone hates it. But seriously, so many of you are missing out. It’s one of those cool things to hate and for the most ridiculous reason! SAF, Fever, TT, and Venom are all the same amount of half assed metalcore. And any the majority of metalcore bands won’t be metalcore for long if the want a long and successful career. BMTH, Asking Alexandria, Motionless in White is well on their way....the list goes on. Screaming doesn’t separate a band any more. There’s too much of it, and it all sounds the same. Singing though....people like singing with a little screaming here and there. That sells more records, and doesn’t demolish your vocal chords. Hmmm
  6. I don’t agree with this at all! The Poison is different....that’s Metalcore. SAM up to Venom are all exactly the same. Even Temper Temper, which everyone hates because of the amp settings. Seriously, that’s the only difference, and to say otherwise is laughable. The only thing that disappoints me about this album is the lack of riffs. If you can tune down a guitar, and know how to palm mute, you can learn the majority of the album in 15 mins. It’s just a waste of their talent. That said, I still like every song. I don’t expect much in the way of screams, and would actually prefer they didn’t. So going forward, if they just have some good riffs again, I’ll be happy.
  7. I really hate this song. I love AIC, and always have. But this song....🖕. Jerry said this was an album they’ve never done before. This sounds like it could have fit right in on either of the last two album.
  8. Oooook, first, KL is truly the best site EVER. Thank you so much! This album is so good! Who cares about fucking guitar solos and constant screaming. Give me good songs! And thats what they did. I really can't say a bad thing about it. Breathe Underwater is fucking amazing! Coma, The Very Last Time, Leap of Faith, Gravity....all perfect. Can't wait to see what they play live. Thanks again KL!
  9. I really don't like Pop music.....but hes so good. I can't dislike anything he does.
  10. Oh I get that. And I'm all for SOME screaming. Full songs of it though? IMO is just plain awful. I hope you end up liking the album since they're your favorite band.
  11. Good song. I'm curious about the mixing sound on the singles as well. I really think they could all sound a shitload better if mixed differently. You know what really pisses me off? I saw yesterday that the band answered questions for a room full of fans, after those fans sat there an listened to the WHOLE ALBUM!! I don't understand this at all. If its done, put it the fuck out! They're currently touring, its clearly finished, so why the hell are we waiting till the end of June? Cause the record company says so. So fucking stupid. This is why people download.
  12. I find it so interesting that screaming seems to be the most important musical aspect to the vast majority of posters on this site. Screaming doesn't set a band apart. It blends them in. Anyone can scream, and they do.....and it all sounds exactly the same. Almost nothing differentiates one screaming band from another. AND, every single band follows the same progression of screaming, screaming, screaming, then singing cause they can't scream anymore. And if that screamer can't sing, they're gone.
  13. I agree with the consensus. Some really good songs, but not their best overall. Good enough to keep me occupied for a while. Thanks for posing LK.