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  1. Oh I get that. And I'm all for SOME screaming. Full songs of it though? IMO is just plain awful. I hope you end up liking the album since they're your favorite band.
  2. Good song. I'm curious about the mixing sound on the singles as well. I really think they could all sound a shitload better if mixed differently. You know what really pisses me off? I saw yesterday that the band answered questions for a room full of fans, after those fans sat there an listened to the WHOLE ALBUM!! I don't understand this at all. If its done, put it the fuck out! They're currently touring, its clearly finished, so why the hell are we waiting till the end of June? Cause the record company says so. So fucking stupid. This is why people download.
  3. I find it so interesting that screaming seems to be the most important musical aspect to the vast majority of posters on this site. Screaming doesn't set a band apart. It blends them in. Anyone can scream, and they do.....and it all sounds exactly the same. Almost nothing differentiates one screaming band from another. AND, every single band follows the same progression of screaming, screaming, screaming, then singing cause they can't scream anymore. And if that screamer can't sing, they're gone.
  4. I agree with the consensus. Some really good songs, but not their best overall. Good enough to keep me occupied for a while. Thanks for posing LK.
  5. Hmmm the Nickelback of heavy music was good enough. I'll counter all that with he can sing, he can scream, they are all very talented musicians, which is more than I could say for the vast majority of lesser know metal of today. I don't think they're even CLOSE to generic. I get the masculine and bro/dad stance I suppose. But I really do think its more than that. Based on album sales, I'd say theres an awful lot of closet 5FDP fans out there. Just cool to hate them. Too each their own and all that. I can't wait for this album.
  6. Can someone explain all the hate for this band? I don't understand it at all. Is it just the cool thing to do? Like hating Nickelback? I don't need answers like "they suck".
  7. Not what I was expecting from them, but I like it well enough. Except Darkside. I couldn’t make it through that one. Made think of the Night at the Roxbury dance.
  8. Crap!! I knew I should have brought my computer to work!!
  9. I don’t think they’ll ever be able to do better than this. It’s fucking incredible! Thank you sooooooooo much!!!
  10. Another great song. But 5 and half releases is ridiculous. Way too much time between the first single and album. Their record label blows. Just release the friggin album already.
  11. Five Finger Death Punchs new single Fake will be out on Friday. The next single Sham Pain will be out on the 20th. I found this on facebook with the artwork. I have no clue where they found it.
  12. LOL To each their own. I never could get into that one.
  13. I have to agree. I don't understand liking BB, and NOT liking the last album. Its exactly like everything else they've done, only better. The choruses are more "epic", but thats about it. I personally feel that they are one of the very few bands where their first album blows, the second has a couple good songs, and then every album after has gotten better and better.
  14. They announced this way too early. Four songs is insane. Just fucking release it. RIGHT NOW!!! All the singles are amazing. But they REALLY make me miss the days when things really leaked. 22 more days.
  15. Lol. They’re not metalcore anymore. BVB haven’t been in years. I like this album. Don’t love it, but I like it. I’ll buy it in a few years. They made me wait forever for it, they can wait too.