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  1. They get shit? What for?? And I agree, I don’t listen to this band often, but when I do, Bow Down is the clearly the best.
  2. Well...I’ll never listen to the original version again. So fucking good!!
  3. Love the direction they’re going. This band is just awesome.
  4. It’s not bad. It’s catchy. But the earlier “hand job” comment pretty much nailed it though. If this album is actually going to be a mix of the previous two, so far, they’re hiding it well.
  5. My apologies if it came across like I was claiming every Christian is a bad person, or only they get away with rape. Of course that’s not true. And WAY too many people are getting away with rape. It’s disgusting. The only point I was trying to make is that it’s more than “just a few cunts” with all the stuff I said. And good for Alabama convincing that one. They all should be in prison and never let out. But that didn’t happen.
  6. I don’t know man. A whole bunch of them were fucking little kids for years, while a whole other bunch did their best to cover it up. And they all got away with it somehow. They can’t just let gay people live in peace, shame woman who have chosen to have abortions, the fucking antivaxers 🙄...seems to me that covers more than “a few cunts” 🤷🏻‍♂️ They hold political rallies for all this, while operating tax free. Seems the overall message of what Christianity was supposed to be is long lost. Can’t blame people for judging how ridiculously judgmental they are. A case could easily be made that THEY have a pointless hate agenda, ya know? I just clicked this cause there was a bunch of comments. Would never listen to his solo garbage. I’m glad he hides this shit in MMF for the most part.
  7. With all the comments, I thought you guys and gals might have actually LIKED the album. But no.....amusing nonetheless. Album's decent. Better than the last one. I think the clean and acoustic guitar parts are the high points. Their ballads are always their strongest songs. Seems all the heavy ones are about the same thing....not giving a shit and such. But, for what it is, its decent. Good leakin @Lord Kingdom Thanks!
  8. It doesn’t sound like they even tried to do anything different. I don’t know if that makes them unworthy of hype. But I get what you’re saying.
  9. Complaints - it’s too short. Especially after the long wait. And I don’t believe the little piss bag record label kept it from leaking! Very annoying. Praise - it’s clearly AOTY so far. Martyr and Above My Head stood out to me on first listen. I think Masochist is still my favorite. But there’s not a bad song on here. Just wish it was longer. 12-14 songs would have been more appropriate.
  10. Whoa! Please let this album spring a leak this weekend!
  11. I wish I could say I liked this. In their case, I prefer the direction change. He’s got a great voice that’s wasted on the old Deathcore stuff. But this song just doesn’t do it for me. Hopefully the album will be good.
  12. I’m shocked that i didn’t violently hate this. I’m not a rap fan at all, but a couple of these were ok. Mainly the ones with less rap ??‍♂️ The SWS song was the best IMO.
  13. That album was so good! Do they play pop versions of those songs at concerts these days? Do they not play anything before their last album? Who the fuck is paying to see them now?? Whatever. I’m done with them.
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