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  1. This is the acoustic album I will compare all further releases to. If it’s not as good as this, it’s a waste of time. Someone should send this the Benjamin Burnley (the real one, not ours) and tell him they should return the money for their pussy ass attempt with 10 year old vocals on it, and they should try again till they do it right!! Ive always thought bands like them should just put original acoustic tracks on their albums. Like...if this version was the only version of Blurry, I’d like it just as much. Or just some songs with clean guitar all the way through. 🤷🏻‍♂️ It would make for a more interesting variety IMO. Great release...can’t say enough good things about it.
  2. I couldn’t disagree more about his cleans. I think they’re unique and very memorable. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Wow. Never thought I’d say this about an FFAK song....but I absolutely hate it! I hate the techno, the guitar riff just mindlessly repeats, and sounds way too familiar. I’m sure I’ll love the album as a whole, but I’ll never listen to this crap again.
  4. Well that sounds like absolute crap. Danny has been farting around with a piano version of this on Instagram that sounds awesome. Why the fuck didn’t they release that?
  5. For fucks sake...a countdown to announce a fucking preorder?? 🙄🖕🖕. And there’s nothing else on it! No extra tracks or covers like they were talking about. Why even call it a “deluxe” cd??
  6. Niiiice! Definitely looking forward to this album. Those last two singles came out forever ago.
  7. I’m trying to think of a side project that I’ve actually liked. I got nothing.
  8. The traits might be similar, but the overall sound is not even close.
  9. I mean...I really wasn’t trying to. Just using an example. I had no idea this many people would care so much. Fair enough. Clearly I’m the minority here, but I hated it. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Insulting people online is cool, and makes you sound very tough. 👍
  10. So...normally when you guys hype a metalcore album from a band I don't know, I end up hating it. Like Northlane....straight garbage if you ask me. But THIS album is absolutely amazing! The guitar is awesome, the female vocals are awesome, the melodic vocals, the lyrics....I can't say a bad thing about it. I listened to Worlds Apart as well, which I liked, but not as much as this one. The singer adding the melodic screaming and clean vocals makes all the difference for me. 10/10! The only album this year I like more than this is Polaris. Australia is kicking serious ass this year. Thank you @Hawkins2210 for the leak! Without this community, I wouldn't even know about 90% of my current favorite bands. Best site ever.
  11. They’re working. They posted a short clip on Instagram of a new song a few weeks ago. This is far from my favorite song from them. But it’s not bad this way.
  12. Seems to me that they're really trying to become Shinedown. After touring with them in larger venues than they've played in recent years, I guess I don't blame them for trying.
  13. Damn. I thought Id like this based on the singles. But it really isn't very good. I don't think its horrible...but theres just nothing overly exciting about it. Its just boring..
  14. I’d say “dad rock” is pretty harsh. I wish the whole song was good. Great chorus, boring verses. Good scream in the middle though. There’s still hope for the rest of this album.
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