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  1. As someone who liked Fashionably Late I still prefer most of Coming Home to this, but its not bad by any means that and the art is great.
  2. As someone who liked their previous albums this is still miles ahead, really looking forward to the album.
  3. Lit af, this shit just made my xmas a million times better.
  4. It's an alright song, I still prefer this over anything on self titled.
  5. Wow you guys were right, pretty darn good.
  6. Some songs do sound like budget starset, but imo it will still be a pretty decent album.
  7. Picturesque - Broken Home Sessions (Acoustic EP) Thrice - Discography I am King - Rolling Stone (Single) (links are dead on the post) Thanks in advance
  8. Not as good as their other albums, but its still decent, different but decent.