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  1. Slaves - Patience is the Virtue [Single] (2018)

    As someone who liked their previous albums this is still miles ahead, really looking forward to the album.
  2. Jake Paul & Team 10 - Litmas (2017)

    Lit af, this shit just made my xmas a million times better.
  3. The Fell - Footprints [Single] (2017)

    This is actually pretty good.
  4. Paramore - Told You So (Single) (2017)

    It's an alright song, I still prefer this over anything on self titled.
  5. Greywind - Afterthoughts (2017)

    Wow you guys were right, pretty darn good.
  6. Never Say Die - Destroy + Rebuild (Preview) (2017)

    Some songs do sound like budget starset, but imo it will still be a pretty decent album.
  7. Picturesque - Broken Home Sessions (Acoustic EP) Thrice - Discography I am King - Rolling Stone (Single) (links are dead on the post) Thanks in advance
  8. Nine Lashes - Ascend (2016)

    Not as good as their other albums, but its still decent, different but decent.