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  1. hahaha, this was in reference to Lordis. RIP Martyr Defiled tho.
  2. that day is so stacked.
  3. is there a date for this release yet? man I'm pumped
  4. i mean, they aren't calling it a break up necessarily, but they said they're unsure if anything will happen again
  5. yup ): but fortunately they still have their debut album dropping soon. But that's the last we'll hear from them
  6. Suburban Scum Culture Killer Traitors Vanna Chamber Of Malice Breakdown Of Sanity Desolated Lifeless letlive. Those Who Fear Contagion Modern Baseball Lordis Science Of Sleep Poured Out 2X4
  7. fair enough, lmao. thanks for the reply!!
  8. get adblock. filecrypt is nowhere near as much a hassle if you have an adblocker
  9. did anyone who actually listened to this album end up liking it?
  10. Alina Baraz - Unfold
  11. @@Gamefanatic yes. totally hyped for the same reasons. Point Oblivion was one of the freshest releases from any subgenre of metal/rock last year.