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  1. Every time Cloudkicker releases a new album, EP, or in this case, just singles... it's one of the greatest days of the year.
  2. Been waiting so long for this... YESSSSSSS!!!!
  3. Wow... had no idea they changed their style THIS much...
  4. Is there ever going to be a 320 or FLAC uploaded?
  5. Legit... good find. Is there any way anyone here has their original, self-titled album from 2015? Can be found here (copy/paste link into browser): -- haven't been able to find this anywhere
  6. Is there a reason this is only on Usenet?
  7. Right? Alaska came out when I was in high school and I was blown away by that... they're simply amazing... ugh this is really making me want to say "screw the quality, I wanna listen" and just input the better quality later... Yep, that's what I'm gonna do. Screw waiting lol.
  8. Damn I'm so pumped but I almost want to wait until better quality...
  9. The first two songs caught me a little off-guard... then I finally got to track 3 and here we gooooo... blastbeats!!
  10. Yeah pretty decent. For my library, I can't figure out if the proper spelling is "Bailer" like the new album says or "B A I L E R" like all of the previous albums on their Bandcamp say...
  11. Ahh, hopefully this can get re-uploaded. Huge thank you!!! Reporting now.
  12. I honestly wasn't too much of a fan of the last two albums, but I'm enjoying this one a lot and I'm only halfway through.
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