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  1. Aside from tastes being subjective and all....myles is clearly the more skilled singer with a much better range. Tremonti has improved significantly from his first album. Maybe you appreciate tremontis tone more or whatever but myles is so much more skilled lol
  2. Love this album, only thing missing is I wish they had one or two melodic acoustic songs that showcase myles singing like they've had on past releases I wasn't let down by a the last hero but its definitely my least favorite alter bridge record. to me it wasn't as heavy as the rest and it felt like some of the slash rock n roll stuff bled into the last hero....wasn't exactly alter bridge. Walk the sky is a return to form. For the most part I feel like they're a modern sevendust, you know what you're getting, they don't disappoint and they continue adding solid albums to their catalog each time out.
  3. Why is the darkness not highlighted on the main page? Love this band, all the singles are good. They don't tour America much, maybe that's why nobody cares
  4. I felt the last hero was a little bit of a let down....sounded too influenced by the slash work (which i like) All 5 of these singles sound like the alter bridge i want....fortress is probably my favorite album but this is shaping up to be comparable
  5. Favorite track hungover you and Heaven a close 2nd. I like all blink, all side projects... I still wish this version of blink was named something different as Tom is too significant to be forgotten. Skiba+mark+Travis is great on their own.... I get the band name and the celeb that comes with it tho I thoroughly liked California but I think I prefer this over it. I will say after a couple listens Travis doesn't stand out with all those random fills. Feel like he was more prominent on California I also don't get the knock for neighborhoods.. I thought that was awesome along with dog eating dogs (minus that punk Ska feature)
  6. Yes, I consider DYK and LTT two different bands. DYK being a bad one and LTT being a good one. Especially the first single for LTT sounded in line with KSE quality but I thought everything DYK did was super generic and nothing stood out
  7. i'd definitely like a jesse/howard kse. I'm a bigger fan of the howard era but i've been underwhelmed with howards last two bands. Light the torch is a step in the right direction but the band before that nothing stood out at all, i dont even remember their name off the top of my head.
  8. @PaddyOh I thought the ending was the best part....I go to a lot of live shows so I also envisioned hearing it live...hopefully they'll announce a us tour in the next few weeks
  9. I liked the first song of neon but the rest of the songs kind've sounded the same. Erra is probably my favorite of the new bands having been around the past 5 years or so, was kind've disappointed with neon like it was a besides release. They all did their parts great but the songs just kind've meshed all together, nothing stood out. I do like this song
  10. Does it really even feel like 13 years. Anticipation is super high, song impresses. Chinese democracy is also my favorite gnr album so who knows. I'm stoked for it Imagining the drums llive at the end of fear inoculum
  11. You're a winner for admitting you were wrong. That doesn't happen on the internet much
  12. Dethrone got Pantera heavy vibes. More groove than their normal songs It was a big thing on their last album cycle that they're no longer Christian. All the Christian people were upset they said fuck in a song
  13. ehhh, idk Doesn't stand out to me. Maybe it fits in the album better. I'm listening on my laptop on shitty laptop speakers too....
  14. You do not MGK career will never touch eminems career regardless of how good any album he does is. Eminem is in the michael jackson, beatles, garth brooks category of career accomplishments (and still counting) I'm a fan of both but the careers aren't really comparable
  15. Very happy with this and found myself going back to their old stuff over the past couple of days. First two albums I like alot but I felt lykaia was a step back, nothing caught me, still kind've forgettable Definitely for fans of tool
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