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  1. It's so sweet and sexy, it's like velvet honey having sex with my ears sonically. That high pitched session at the end of 'My Hair' is crazy! Loving 'safety net', 'love language' and 'pov'.
  2. This is awesome, great melodies and harmonies.
  3. This is an awesome album I'm happy... so much pop punk recently
  4. I like it and think it's a natural evolution of their sound for them to at least try something sounding like this.. reminded me of some of the songs off the Reimagined stuff.
  5. Yess I've been waiting for this all year! Haven't listened yet but if it's like hallucinations EP I'll enjoy.. Thanks
  6. Hey there, I like pretty much all genres.. it just depends on specific bands and songs and if I like them. Of those you mentioned I've heard the Courtenners, Dua Lipa and J Hus's album, I have the RTJ album but just haven't listened yet. I'll get the other 4 and get back to you on what I think but of the ones I've heard I still maintain my previous feelings haha sorry. Edit: Oh I also dig the Kelsea Ballerini album
  7. I've now listened to this album more than any other released this year except Music to be Murdered by. I really do love it. They're going to have to fight to the death for my AOTY (although in reality obviously Eminem would kick the shit out of all 4 of the 1975 by himself lol).
  8. Waiting for this all month only to just find out it's been pushed back another 6 weeks...
  9. this album is great, follows a theme all the way through, it's pretty much exactly what I hoped for, which was songs to drink alone in my room too. Good job.
  10. Hey, I like the new layout. Is the eventual idea to be able to play the playlists as they are? That would be an incredible feature!
  11. Hello, there's an artist I'd like to check out but can't find her stuff anywhere. She's the lead actress in the TV show 'Mozart in the Jungle' and after a little research discovered she's an actual musician. According to wiki her releases are: EP (2016) Heart Head West (2018) But I would appreciate anything/everything. MP3 or FLAC is good. https://music.apple.com/us/artist/lola-kirke/1160910059 Thanks!
  12. I found that it is available on Spotify and I have sourced a download for it (only in AAC format though) if you want it, PM me and I can send you the link as I believe you're not allowed to share external links on this site.
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