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  1. it just sounds like normal skillet to me.
  2. I just really dont feel this one for some reason it feel rushed to me maybe? and no im not trying to be an ass it just doesnt feel right.
  3. I as well bought this album and the vinyl, cassette, and CD but if i was you id have blocked out my name tho....
  4. Thank You! will post review soon!
  5. I have to say after listening to this album it is fantastic top to bottom!, well written, well sung, and well played! 10/10 from me!
  6. i.....i,....NOPE.....i tried cant finish it.....
  7. this is still the best post ever.....
  8. what are the odds of that happening...wow but the way good album!
  9. its like they did a whole repackage this sounds nothing like the first album and this is kind of a let down I had high hopes....
  10. No problem those two songs were Recorded in Sweden at one of the last shows of the tour for some reason they just decided to make everyone wait on them...
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