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  1. hey, someone on reddit has done decent job and remastered the remaster, give it a try:
  2. one thing is clear: they admit that their latest albums suck.
  3. 31st of May and STILL no 320 yet?
  4. is it live or just a collection of old hits?
  5. my vote is for laying down, otherwise her tits would look different due to gravity, ya know what I mean?
  6. it's strange but the FLAC sounds to me like 192 kbit/s, or smth. - perhaps it's that studio mixing or intended to be so.
  7. count me in! next in line to see DAT ASS.
  8. well, shieeeet!.. I wonder what made those dudes re-assemble as a band finally
  9. I'll take my seat here in the rear row on my battered bucked waiting for 320 leak.
  10. i would completely subscribe to what @Diet Indulgence said. One week past my first listen and I can't say the album left something like a memorable aftertaste, I need a few more listens.
  11. just like @Bleak5170 , been visiting KL's RSS feed for that album, and still missed it there, but thanks to Trending Leaks header. Great album cover!
  12. I bet in 2030 he'll have an album called "Back from the grave" or smth.
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