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  1. awesome new logo and cover art. shame that it came out in May, not very fitting at this blooming spring time to listen to this gloom
  2. how about the sound quality, @everyone ? any complaints about the clicks and other defects?
  3. just came to say how GRIM & FROSTBITTEN album cover is!
  4. what a gay album cover! but still an expected record.
  5. thanx for uploading this. but i think the tags "Saudade chelsea wolfe Chino Moreno" in Artist section of this mp3 are wrong. what should be the right tag? Saudade (as Artist) and " Shadows & Light (feat. Chelsea Wolfe & Chino Moreno) " as Songtitle?
  6. what is on the cover? some superhero doing a selfie?
  7. gorgeous artwork! "hold yer mouth for the war!"
  8. awlreddy found and downloaded the 320 leak (english web version). Dunno what dudes @ KL.com are doing... here U go: link
  9. also, the files should be named as "01, 02, ... 10, 11" and NOT "1, 2, ... 10", otherwise the order get fucked up in mp3 player and goes like "1, 10, 11, 12, 2, ..." etc.
  10. I sure do know the title refers to some Bible quote, but still it sounds like a new HIM album title to me!
  11. hey, the link from the Home page's left block (where all latest leaks or upcoming are) should lead to this page, but instead it leads to https://kingdom-leaks.com/index.php?/forums/topic/18901-spiritualized-and-nothing-hurt-2018/ plz to fixes this! also, yea, vinyl rip flac is too silent.
  12. agree. nice curves, by the way! but that cover would be even more fitting had Hillary won the election in 2016.
  13. took this leaked album from *edited*, I guess the source is the same, and to me it sounds like transcoded from 128. Is it just me?
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