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  1. thanks! my annual sourse for some new interesting bands.
  2. what does it mean and why is everybody saying that?
  3. their second album this year?
  4. there's a FLAC on that other metal-sharing site, so I hope sooner or later it appears here as well and we can check it out.
  5. no one would suggest it to be a grindcore album upon looking at that cover. thanks for sharing!
  6. When I started the video, I was wondering how would Lana fit in this r'n'b pop stuff, and thus - the song got slowed down twice.
  7. @Physyadelic yeah, nice artwork! Looks familiar?
  8. so I'm not going to hear any heaviness on this album, a-la Hiss Spun pt. 2, no?
  9. too bad that some bands' process of "maturity" (Opeth, Enter Shikari, Leprous) result in losing their metal roots, although they still can deliver some quality stuff...
  10. @nickparisi_ I'm with you, mate, only I was really hyped with "Born to Die", that's when she became a big thing in general pop music; everything after that gradually left less warm feelings in me. I guess she intendedly refused laurels of a pop-singer, preferring to stay smth of a 'indie-pop'.
  11. only passtheleaks link is in order.
  12. after three singles I don't think this album will impress me any much, let alone naming it "album of the year", but I'll give it a few spins. Thanx for sharing!
  13. very much like something they've done already, especially the "brutal" ending after delicate beginning and psychedelic middle-part - I can't name a certain Tool song, but I've heard it all already. Not a bad thing, tho'! of course we didn't expect Tool to do a dubstep or grindcore album, after all. BUT I wouldn't say it's smth phenomenal. 3.5/5.
  14. will wait for 320 leak and then compare both Батюшка's back to back. by the way, there's already 320/FLAC available on that other metal themed downloads site.
  15. perhaps I can save some time for those who still interested in this - only passtheleaks link is working, other hosters have removed that file.
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