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  1. I really don't like the cover so if anyone interested, i replace the cover with this picture that i found here : https://www.discogs.com/Make-Them-Suffer-How-To-Survive-A-Funeral/release/15461429 Album is great though , maybe a 7.5 / 10 from me but i need to listen to it again.
  2. https://thiswilldestroyyou.bandcamp.com/album/variations-rarities-2004-2019-vol-i It is Updated with new tracks fyi .
  3. Alien Deluxe, out July 31 Just confirmed. It will be Alien Instrumental Version with this song included
  4. BE PATIENT ! BE PATIENT ! I keep telling myself
  5. A bit weak imo but im glad for the return
  6. Now we need another Violent Soho album
  7. Thanks a lot guys i hope you dig it !
  8. This is gonna be gooddddddddddd boiiiiiiiiiiiii ! Thanks a lot .
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