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  1. I at least expected to hear some great songs like "Three Knee Deep" but all these songs sound the same to me
  2. As a long time fan, I am sorely disappointed with their new sound. I miss their soaring melodies, their unique song structure, and their old energy. This new album sounds too similar to many other post hardcore bands I've listened to. OIC was one of the few post hardcore bands I still listened to but now it looks like that closes out the chapter on my post hardcore obsession. Forever sad.
  3. Matt from BFMV would look like this if he shaved off his facial hair and got a new cut
  4. HU trash too tho but.... yeah 69 possibly one of the worst big artists in the world atm
  5. also, just finished listening to it, this album is SERIOUSLY AOTY material and i never say that shit bc i feel like thats a subjective opinion but this album is too good how can it not be aoty unless ur crazy or deaf
  6. Ok so I was about to dl and listen to this but seeing all these negative comments makes me not want to. Is there any song thats a banger that I can keep? Or is it all trash?
  7. I hope this is good Wasn't big on the single
  8. One of my new favorite bands thanks for the upload!
  9. Ok after listening to the album twice, I have to say that this is one of my favorite albums of the year. So fucking good. PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR ITS A STIIICKUP IF NOBODY MOVES NOBODY DIeSSSSSS I SEE THE FEAR IN YOUR EYESSSS. i love it. 9/10
  10. I love how in "go back in time" the drop sounds like it has some reverse effect. i love songs that have a theme and stick to it well anyways great album, thanks for the upload!
  11. Just finished listening to the album. This honestly has to be the best album they've released. The album is so experimental but good. Fire verses, crazy good melodies, unique beats, and switch ups left and right. It doesn't really possess songs with catchy choruses like Gold or Gummy but its probably their most artistic+best music.
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