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  1. They said that he mixed and mastered Castle in the Clouds but I can't find any credits on the production after that. They have a really consistent sound so I'd like to think it's still Johnny lol
  2. Are these guys still produced by Johnny Franck?
  3. I listen to much more than that, but this will probably be my AOTY until something else releases. I just love everything these guys make in general, I can't not like a song by them with Tillian lol There aren't many bands out there that make albums that I like 100% of, there's always a "meh" song in there. These guys are the exception for me haha
  4. 10 songs that are not on the two EPs, I think that's pretty reasonable
  5. I wish I didn't click on that, my eyes hurt
  6. Soo it's dick riding if they make good music and we like it? Lol You're the fourth comment on this thread, did you come on here and read the first three to inspire that thought? Kinda harsh guy. Do you say the same about Billie Eilish cause she has a dedicated fan base? Lol How should you celebrate your favorite artist? (DGD)
  7. You just saying that cause you pooping
  8. Totally torqued for this album!
  9. These lyrics are beyond cheezy, I'm not a fan lol Not that I don't like the genre either, I just think this could of been done way better
  10. 1. Rings Of Saturn - Gidim 2. Signs Of The Swarm - Vital Deprivation 3. Dayshell - Mr. Pain With the old guitarist back ROS is sounding better than ever! SOTS was completely overlooked imo, their new vocalist is insanely talented. Personally, I think Mr Pain was not the best DS but not bad like alot of people say lol
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