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  1. Imagine hating your sibling solely because he likes music you dont, and calling him a bitch for it. Thats bitch shit.
  2. Music is great but agree...this guys voice is not pleasing to the ears. ruins the whole vibe
  3. these features tho...not P.Diddy....PUFF DADDY...the fuck? And Project Pat???? bruh
  4. I see so you would listen to say...R.Kelly? The same dude that pissed on a 15yo when he was a full grown adult, and still has sex with minors? Or lets say a lead singer of a band that is a proud Nazi, hates black people...but his music is good so he iight in your book right? The artist is still the same person on and off the mic. This idea of "separate the ar GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE"... Lil xan, lil pump, lil autist, lil whateverthefuck they all the same garbage
  5. holy shit Berner made it here? He is terrible.
  6. No, but it means you are associating yourself with an alleged piece of shit and you condone that type of behavior. This is one of those situations where if your homie is a Crip, you a crip. You associate yourself with a certain type a person, your character under fire. All that aside, fuck XXX...his music is hot garbage and he as a human is even garbage-ier. BTW, this is the same dude that said 2Pac was garbage. Fuck outta here.
  7. lolwut Who the fuck doesnt know Big Boi from Outkast???
  8. This is what post-hardcore should sound like IMHO. Incredible.
  9. Video game is being generous. Its a game app for your phone.
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