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  1. Second half of the song is awesome! Amazing drummer, look forward to the album
  2. Amazing! AOTY Creatures of habit makes me wanna break shit banger!
  3. Great album apart from the first 2 tracks and some other one
  4. Dont like the uncleans on this album, not sure what happened to his voice. Maybe too many steroids :p Instrumentals and cleans are awesome though.
  5. Great album imo, maybe even better than their last one.
  6. Annoying vocals (apart from the cleans / chorus) but the music sounds great!
  7. Sounds good to me. Bury the hatchet is the best track, for obvious reasons
  8. First half of this album was amazing! Second half was decent. Good stuff overall.
  9. A lot of the tracks sound similar even thought they're prob not. I was getting bored towards the end tbh. Enjoyed their previous album more than this one.
  10. I can't remember why I never liked this band, maybe it was the singer or they had a keyboard player? However this album sounds pretty good!!
  11. I like some tracks and don't like others. My brain is confused at the moment! 5/10 I guess. Edit: defo needs a few listens to appreciate more. 6.5/10 - decent! Edit: 7.5/10 ffs lol.
  12. Good if you like pop music. It sucks imo... rip bmth
  13. Not really a fan of this band... but enjoyed this album! was looking forward to hearing it since war came out and was not disappointed.
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