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  1. Is this the dude from axewounds band?
  2. Not heard their stuff before but enjoyed this one! Great stuff.
  3. Bullet always have a mix of heavy and soft tunes if you didn't already know. Sounds good to me. I'm sure the heavy will still be there. Seems like they are taking out guitar solos though... maybe padge ran out of ideas lol.
  4. These guys haven't been good since the money brothers left them imo.
  5. Amazing! The intro was great too
  6. Good album! Sometimes his voice is annoying though imo.
  7. Not sure what to think of this yet... tyga singing wtf lol... trying to be drake? P.S. Nice album cover
  8. Sounds awesome imo! A lot better than any of their other stuff which I wasn't a big fan of.
  9. Seen these guys live before and wasn't too impressed but really liking this album! Might need to check out their other stuff.
  10. Thanks! Been waiting for this and it does not disappoint!!
  11. Great album as expected!! Not sure if I like it more than smile though.
  12. Never been a fan of this band because of the crap singer, but the music used to sound pretty cool. Now it seems like it's the opposite way with the singer improving but the music being crap
  13. Pretty good. Better than the last one but not on the level of restoring force.
  14. Damn! Should have voted... Trivium wins for me anyway, don't give a damn what this thread says