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  1. The breakdown? In this song sounds amazing! Looking forward to their new album
  2. Yay they're back!
  3. Ahhh amazing. These guys rarely disappoint. New album bring it on!
  4. An epic return from an awesome band!
  5. I prefer this. Good album indeed!
  6. Been waiting a long time for this but thanks so much to whoever made the trending leaks thing in mobile view!! Now I won't need to keep going into desktop mode
  7. Not really heard this guys stuff but this album has some pretty good songs on it.
  8. Lol. Ok the first few tracks sound like them. Wrote that too soon!
  9. Wtf where did this band come from? Sounds awesome! Reminds me a bit of bad omens but better.
  10. Just finished listening... great stuff! One or two fillers. Come whatever may is their best album for me imo
  11. Listen to their first two albums
  12. This is his worst album imo
  13. Sounds awesome! As expected
  14. Prefer the first single. This one's not bad though.