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  1. Nas was alright but a bit boring too, all the tracks were kind of similar. I guess that's normal when you only have one producer on the album.
  2. Some fillers but a great album overall!
  3. Amazing!! Glad they're back, although I only liked their most recent album. This sounds like a continuation of that. The other albums were a bit too heavy for me (lol).
  4. Sorry to hijack this thread (I can make a new one if you want) but I'm also after new headphones! (In ear / straight down style) I currently have the cx 3.00 which feel great, bassy and have really good sound isolation. I feel like I'm missing out though on superior sounding earphones so want an upgrade on top of the things I listed. I've done some research to see some recommendations but most seem to point to earphones that go over the ear which is not what I'm looking for e.g. shure So far I've come across these but maybe someone can recommend something better: - 1more triple driver (I heard these have terrible sound isolation which puts me off) - sennheiser momentum 2.0 (I've only really used this brand so trust them I guess, not sure if these are better than the cx3.00 though? Has mixed reviews) - rockjaw alpha genus v2 (they look nice but not sure if they're better than the cx3.00) My budget is up to £100. Hope someone can help me, thanks!
  5. Man these guys have really cheesy lyrics but love their music so I'm satisfied!
  6. Sounds like any other pop song that comes out now days.
  7. They're taking a simpler approach to this album riff wise with more electronic elements apparently, or let's be lazy and make something in 5 mins as I like to call it :-)
  8. Why does his voice sound sooo bad on these new songs (apart from the first single)... terrible mixing maybe. Anyway another meh track from my favourite band lol.
  9. Wow this is terrible. I only liked their first two albums and a bit of the one before this one.
  10. Is this the dude from axewounds band?
  11. Not heard their stuff before but enjoyed this one! Great stuff.
  12. Bullet always have a mix of heavy and soft tunes if you didn't already know. Sounds good to me. I'm sure the heavy will still be there. Seems like they are taking out guitar solos though... maybe padge ran out of ideas lol.
  13. These guys haven't been good since the money brothers left them imo.
  14. Amazing! The intro was great too