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  1. This is his worst album imo
  2. Sounds awesome! As expected
  3. Prefer the first single. This one's not bad though.
  4. Wow... Great stuff! They should stick to making eps lol.
  5. Their tracks lately all sound the same imo and kind of boring. Oak island was their last great work. This one sounds alright a bit different...
  6. Sounds good!
  7. Parasnore is better than this
  8. Hi yes I'm aware of that. But I thought you were going to add a new item in the mobile menu for "trending leaks". The menu which currently has "new,forums,staff,rules" etc. Hope that makes sense. I can't see trending leaks anywhere in mobile view at the moment and it really comes in handy. Hopefully it's doable!
  9. Hey @mR12 any updates on this?
  10. I like it. Thanks!
  11. I like it. Sure it aint old and better paramore but at least they are using real instruments unlike the other "band"... (linkin park)
  12. Sounds great!
  13. They're both good tracks imo. Shows that the album will have different types of tracks. Looking forward to the full release :-D
  14. I saw them live after they released THP and they played a lot of old material. Expect to hear 2 or 3 tracks from their new album though. P.s. they are one of the best live bands I've seen.
  15. Haha that's what I'm hearing too. Another terrible song... but wanted a listen because of stormzy! *goes and listens to hybrid theory*