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  1. Cheers for this. Still waiting on my LP. The second track is my fav so far!
  2. @Ossy33xxx Such an underrated EP. Honestly some of their best songs since the 2003 album
  3. Really into this, and Talk in your Sleep too. Wasn't a fan of Blush at all really aside from like two or three songs, but absolutely adored I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time to Time, so I hope this album is a return to form.
  4. Admittedly I didn't care for their earlier stuff but this is phenomenal. Wait is soooooo good!
  5. Pitchfork have been clickbaiting this guy into oblivion lately. I think he's the latest thing that's cool to hate.
  6. Thanks for this. Loving the contrasting happier/brighter sound from Peripheral Vision. Looking forward to this album.
  7. It's a really cool song, although the chorus is a bit forgettable. The catchiest bit imo is Mark's verse!
  8. A Great Big Pile of Leaves - You're Always On My Mind. Listened to it a lot recently and realised it is a perfect album.
  9. My most anticipated albums this year American Football - American Football (II) blink-182 - California Green Day - Revolution Radio Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues NOFX - First Ditch Effort Sum 41 - 13 Voices
  10. Try Dying Light. The story is pretty decent and the gameplay is super addictive. Thoroughly enjoyed my play through.
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