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  1. Anders 2020: Fuck it, you win China
  2. Thanks @Summers completely forgot about this
  3. As much as I love FFAK, it's going to take a few more listens until I'm sold. Seeing a lot of comments referring to the LIVE version over the studio, just wish us Aussie's could experience that..............maybe after Rona?
  4. Hmmm Richard Marx cover......interesting
  5. and Parkway Drive, Sienna Skies, I Killed The Prom Queen, Meshiaak, Vanishing Point just to name a few
  6. Australia for the win, you're welcome!
  7. Haven't paid much attention to Amy & Band For Hire since 2011's self titled, considering there was nothing left of the actual band but her. Listened 3 or 4 times now, not too curious to hear the rest of the album when it drops
  8. it is their older stuff, just released for the first time together
  9. Wow! Way to cut a lot of the grrrrr outta the song, just to release it as a single. Intro gone, bridge after the 2nd verse gone, outro gone
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