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  1. Hey guys chasing DGA's new single Addicted To Your Heart in 320kbps CBR Thanks in advance!
  2. Looks like the battle for AOTY will be between Bury Tomorrow & Kingdom of Giants, another solid track!
  3. Was not expecting this 11 days ahead of the release
  4. Best of the 3 tracks so far, this has a Karma And Effect feel to it
  5. Anders 2020: Fuck it, you win China
  6. Thanks @Summers completely forgot about this
  7. As much as I love FFAK, it's going to take a few more listens until I'm sold. Seeing a lot of comments referring to the LIVE version over the studio, just wish us Aussie's could experience that..............maybe after Rona?
  8. Hmmm Richard Marx cover......interesting
  9. Go crash dude, your work here is done.......again!....and very much appreciated
  10. You're just above and beyond today @She Stabs Deep Into Me Thanks again for filling another one
  11. Hey Guys I'm after H.E.A.T.'s brand new single "Back To Life" in 320 kbps CBR Thanks in advance
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