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  1. Running Adblock Plus and Adblocker Ultimate but in the past week or so there is a redirect on the Filecrypt page
  2. Thank You @Lord Rorschach, just logged on and BOOM! You da man!
  3. Stoked for the new album and loving this 2nd single
  4. Yep, working now. Thanks @Lord Rorschach
  5. 3 days? I'm getting email notifications but nothing else
  6. My KL account is linked and still can't get on, what a piece of shit this is. Where's the instruction manual on how to use this turd of an app
  7. @Bored To Death dropped you a message dude
  8. Another awesome DT song, very short song for them it could've gone 3 or 4 mins more @Bored To Death you might wanna edit the ID tags though, thanks for the up though!
  9. Loving these guys, can't wait for the EP! Biased?.........Damn straight! Gotta love the bands making some noise from my home country
  10. Looking forward to digesting this album over the weekend! Thanks for the up KL'ers!
  11. BMTH R.I.P. Kiss your career goodbye and Oli, you better find a cheap tattooist now Thoroughly disgusted!
  12. If the article is read correctly, Cristian hasn't left.........this is gonna get nasty in the courts, can't wait to sit back with the popcorn for this!
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