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  1. @Bored To Death dropped you a message dude
  2. Loving these guys, can't wait for the EP! Biased?.........Damn straight! Gotta love the bands making some noise from my home country
  3. Looking forward to digesting this album over the weekend! Thanks for the up KL'ers!
  4. BMTH R.I.P. Kiss your career goodbye and Oli, you better find a cheap tattooist now Thoroughly disgusted!
  5. If the article is read correctly, Cristian hasn't left.........this is gonna get nasty in the courts, can't wait to sit back with the popcorn for this!
  6. Knew Architects would take it out, it is a great album. Had to keep my vote for the local boys......PWD, otherwise it'd be un-Australian of me
  7. Judging by all the social media accounts, this won't be a one off
  8. FUCK YES!!!! Now this is the In Flames we've all come to know and love, forget the 2nd single this is friggin awesome! Huge thanks @mR12
  9. Love everything these guys do, NOICE!
  10. What an awesome year for releases, My top 3 is set in stone and the rest is just shooting fish in a barrel 1. Parkway Drive - Reverence 2. Fit For A King - Dark Skies 3. Architects - Holy Hell ------------------------------------------------ 4. Amaranthe - Helix 5. Beartooth - Disease 6. Messer - Messer 7. Of Mice & Men - Defy 8. Seraphim - Shades of The Future 9. Like A Storm - Catacombs 10. Tremonti - A Dying Machine Could have added more as there was so many to choose from, but these are the albums I listened to the most or played on the air HNY to all at KL, let's hope 2019 will be an awesome music year!
  11. Yeah mate I'm with you, with the double albums I'm hoping "War" will be the heavier stuff, while "Peace" will be similar to these tracks. Another March release..........they're killing us!
  12. Those machine gun double kicks.............hand brake on at every red light, challenge accepted!
  13. Featuring Alissa White-Gluz, niiiiiiiiice!
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