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  1. Brilliant. Also, thanks for the upload.
  2. Thank you. Bertrand Russell sample in The Absurd Man if anyone was wondering.
  3. Excited for the new album, thank you.
  4. This is sick, thank you. Bandcamp link if anyone wants it: https://creator-destructor.bandcamp.com/album/terminal-bloom
  5. Not heard of these guys, but sign me the fuck up.
  6. "PLEASE READ We’re proud to announce that our second studio album, ‘Cornerstone’ is available NOW. It’s been a long three years full of ups and downs, and one of the downs is the reason for this post. One of our family members was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma during the writing of the album which obviously hit us all quite hard, and, rightly so, delayed things as we put family first. We were all friends before we started Echoes all those years ago, so naturally, when something of this magnitude happens the band takes a back seat. For anyone who has first hand experience of friends or family members dealing with cancer, you know how hard it can be. You fear the worst, and it can be hard to take the positives from it. Luckily, there are incredible organisations around to help families deal with these battles. One of those organisations is The Claire Sadler Trust Fund. They are a small organisation whose purpose is to provide teenagers and young adults with short breaks, holidays and outings to get away from the stress of the treatment and everything else associated with the diagnosis, as well as offering other support. They provided our family member with a short break, and as small as it sounds, it’s magnitude in uplifting their spirits was priceless. Nearly two years down the line, we’re lucky enough to say that our loved one is doing fantastically well, and has beaten their disease. Without the support of The Claire Sadler Trust Fund, the battle may not have had the same outcome. This is why we are donating 100% of the proceeds of ‘Cornerstone’ to this great organisation to hopefully allow other families going through similar challenges to get the same support. The album is available now via Bandcamp with a ‘Pay What You Want’ price tag. Any donation you can give would mean the world to us. For you streamers out there, it will be available on Apple Music, Spotify and other online outlets in the near future. We never dreamed of doing what we have as a band when we first started, but being able to help others with our music would top everything we’ve ever achieved. Please share this post and help us raise awareness. The more money we can raise, the bigger the chance we have of helping a great cause. We have no PR, no label, or anything to help us with this release, so it really is down to you guys to help us get this out there. Please comment below if you download the album - we’d love to thank you personally. We hope you enjoy ‘Cornerstone’. Thank you, Josh, Oliver, Steve and Karl Echoes"
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