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  1. expecting this to be good.
  2. I feel that I have a duty to listen to this album, even though my name is not from them.
  3. I was not expecting this till next year at least. Happy surprise, right after my birthday.
  4. I've been waiting since January for this album to come out...only to find out it came out 3 months ago. Actually scratch that, I've been waiting since sometime last year; I thought it was out in June all this time.
  5. Currently: Now and On Earth - Blacked Out Architects - All Our Gods have Abandoned Us So many more to choose. Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies Ice Nine Kills - Safe Is Just A Shadow Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison Like Moths to Flames - An Eye For An Eye Crown The Empire - The Resistance CTE - The Fallout Band: Crown The Empire I have more but I'm too lazy to keep going.
  6. Oh man, so many; no doubt you've heard of Evanescence but let's see: Fireflight The Letter Black Eowyn (solo artist) Epica Amaranthe (former vocalist of Nightwish) Nightwish Blacklisted Me EarlyRise Eyes Set To Kill Fools For Rowan Halestorm Lights; shows up in some metal songs but is mainly electronic stuff (she's married to the vocalist of the band blessthefall) Icon for Hire; was already mentioned but they deserve a listen for sure, their first album is a masterpiece. Conquer Divide (all female band) In This Moment Orianthi (solo rock artist) Paramore Fit For Rivals The Pretty Reckless VersaEmerge We Are The in Crowd We Are The Fallen Within Temptation and some Skillet songs have female vocals present but they're not lead I went through my whole iTunes library to remind me what I had and I think I got it all. Found out I have 2,015 albums in there, dang. Hope that helps!~