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  1. What a fucking experience... I feel unworthy of this album.
  2. LETS FUCKING GO. ILL POST my thoughts afterwards, but for right now... AHHHHHHHHHH
  3. After giving it a few spins, I think it's actually pretty decent. Nothing ground breaking or creative overall, just songs ranging from decent to pretty solid. Very happy with the amount of heavy. I'll happily put most of this EP in my regular rotation. Highlights are Endorphin and Your Song for me... that fourth song is just... interesting tho lol. Yeah I think that's fair, I can agree with that. There's a decent amount of aspects about their writing that has become more stale and generic over the years for sure. Their early stuff was much more creative for both lyrics and songwriting.
  4. I agree with the potential thing. They're easily one of my favorite bands still, but they're super hit or miss and love experimenting with different shit. I definitely wouldn't say they are generic though.
  5. Is it confirmed to be an EP? I know they usually do at least 1 EP in between albums, but I haven't seen anything confirming it yet. I'd love album release this soon after their last one.
  6. This album took a day or two to for me to get into it (dunno why?) but after a few listens it's grown on me so much. Extremely good album, glad these guys had a smooth transition from their previous singer.
  7. SO GOOD. People commenting that the structure is similar to wteb, and I mean sure I get that, but I dont mind that one bit! I hardly even see it as a complaint. I've also heard about a potential change of sound, and I'm all for that too. These guys are such great musicians that I won't worry one bit about whats ahead until we actually hear the next album.
  8. C'MON MAN leave my bois Breaking Benjamin outta this.
  9. HOT TAKE... I enjoy Markus more than Ben There , I said it,...don't hurt me Great stuff so far, really interested in how the full album shapes up.
  10. With a Garret feature too? Hell fucking yes.
  11. Was looking forward to this one. Solid debut album!
  12. Surprise, Surprise! New Billy Talent out of nowhere and it's fucking sweeeeeeeet. Not gonna lie though, I'll probly skip the ending anytime I play this.
  13. Thank You for the update! I think the two bonus tracks really bump up my rating for the album. Two more heavier songs really helped round it out. Hadn't gotten around to talkin' about this release, but it was one I was both super skeptical and really hopeful for, but especially with the new tracks I can safely say I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It's a metric fuck ton better than the debut album, really liking the what the new members brought, and god damn does Adam sound good as ever.
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