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  1. Very fuckin' solid. Hyped as fuck for August.
  2. Wow, what a throwback... I love it. Sounds like something from their first album. Surprisingly heavy and chaotic. God bless those low screams!
  3. Crossfaith has my vote for favorite variant of metalcore, and are just on the cusp of being my favorite band, so this is the best fucking news I've had all year. I see both Freedom and Wipeout on the album, kinda sucks cuz we've had those songs out with their own respective EPs, but 11 new tracks is still great news! Last full album release was a bit softer, and after some experiemental EPs, I'm hoping they reel us back in for another heavy release.
  4. Super interesting. The bad songs are worse than the bad songs on Ire, while the great songs are much better than those on Ire. All in all, they picked some of the worst possible songs to use as singles. I'd say there are 5/6 songs I like on this one, which is more than I thought there'd be. I'll give it a 7/10 at best, as some of the good songs still have some complaints on my end (such as the lack of longer held screams, COME ON WINSTON YOUR SCREAMS ARE PURE WIZARDRY, DON'T HAVE SUCH A SHORT VERSE). Not necessarily here, but in general people are over reacting like crazy and it's fuckin' hilarious, though to be fair I do understand where a lot of those people are coming from... I know I'd rather have an 8 track version of anything before Ire than a 12 track album like Reverence.
  5. Wtf that was unexpectedly sick. Much better than Over It.
  6. Well, I've got no expectations for this album after this latest track. But honestly, that's probably a good thing. I'm hoping some of these songs grow on me, I thought Ire was a good take on experimental metal/core, but this stuff just doesn't click with me what-so-ever (yet?).
  7. This is at least a top 2 album from them, easily. Love how much heavier it was, writing on pretty good. Artwork is beast.
  8. Holy shit I just found out about these guys... I'm hyped as fuck now.
  9. Pretty damn good. Could have a bit more screams, but much better than what I was expecting.
  10. Awesome, was hoping somebody would catch this. Bangin' debut, really strong writing all around. Going forward, I'm hoping the vocalist improves his ability to scream more clearly, you can hardly understand the lyrics a lot of the time... thats really my only complaint about this EP.
  11. Not gonna lie, the album isn't as bad as I thought it'd be. Songs have decent writing... vastly improved over human. You can actually tell the difference between tracks lol. Lyrics are... eh, overall a bit better than human at least? I heard a lot more tones and emotion from the non singles. I think they found their niche here. Whether you like it will differ greatly. At first glance, (much like Human) I'll likely remove most of these songs from my library in a few weeks... but I can see myself liking a couple songs for longer than that. The singles were much worse than the overall package of the album. If you liked some of human, you'll like some of this too probably. Here's hoping Saint Asonia has a solid sophomore release so fans of both sides of this "pointless argument" can be happy.
  12. Been waiting for this one, was really stoked to hear they got picked up. The songs I've heard so far are honestly so much easier to enjoy than the original issue of this album. Throw in a new tune in suspended animation, and you've got a terrific way to start off March. You'll be hearing about these guys a lot more, I feel like they'll be getting some traction between this re-release and their new material coming later this year.
  13. I'm still going to say that I prefer the early style of PWD, but I'll be damned if this isn't some of the best jobs a band has done with changing it up and still staying heavy. I feel like this is the sound Ire should have had... extremely hyped for this shit.
  14. The exact same thing for me. PWD should be Feb 27 or earlier from what I can tell!