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  1. Lunaform - Lunaform (EP) (2018)

    Awesome, was hoping somebody would catch this. Bangin' debut, really strong writing all around. Going forward, I'm hoping the vocalist improves his ability to scream more clearly, you can hardly understand the lyrics a lot of the time... thats really my only complaint about this EP.
  2. Three Days Grace - Outsider (2018)

    Not gonna lie, the album isn't as bad as I thought it'd be. Songs have decent writing... vastly improved over human. You can actually tell the difference between tracks lol. Lyrics are... eh, overall a bit better than human at least? I heard a lot more tones and emotion from the non singles. I think they found their niche here. Whether you like it will differ greatly. At first glance, (much like Human) I'll likely remove most of these songs from my library in a few weeks... but I can see myself liking a couple songs for longer than that. The singles were much worse than the overall package of the album. If you liked some of human, you'll like some of this too probably. Here's hoping Saint Asonia has a solid sophomore release so fans of both sides of this "pointless argument" can be happy.
  3. Eternal Void - Catharsis (2018)

    Been waiting for this one, was really stoked to hear they got picked up. The songs I've heard so far are honestly so much easier to enjoy than the original issue of this album. Throw in a new tune in suspended animation, and you've got a terrific way to start off March. You'll be hearing about these guys a lot more, I feel like they'll be getting some traction between this re-release and their new material coming later this year.
  4. Parkway Drive - Wishing Wells (Single) (2018)

    I'm still going to say that I prefer the early style of PWD, but I'll be damned if this isn't some of the best jobs a band has done with changing it up and still staying heavy. I feel like this is the sound Ire should have had... extremely hyped for this shit.
  5. Breaking Benjamin - Blood [Single] (2018)

    The exact same thing for me. PWD should be Feb 27 or earlier from what I can tell!
  6. Three Days Grace - I Am An Outsider [Single] (2018)

    s o r r y
  7. Yoshiaki Hujisawa - Land of the Lustrous OST (2018)

    For anybody who enjoys animation of any sort, this is a superb show with a unique and well done soundtrack.
  8. Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic [Single] (2018)

    I don't think Mike has impressed me this much in at least a decade. Spitting out some real shit. RIP Chester, we'll carry on.
  9. Three Days Grace - The Mountain [Single] (2018)

    I mean, it's better than most of Human, so that's good.. but then again that isn't a very difficult feat. Kinda liked the lyrics, but the writing and vocals still just feel so damn un-inspired, emotionless and straight up bland. I still wish them all the best of luck, but they've definitely lost any appeal they used to least for my taste.
  10. Crossfaith - Wipeout (Deluxe) [EP] (2018)

    The other 2 tracks are anywhere from meh (Wipeout) to alright(Vermillion Gold), but god damn did Inside The Flames catch me off guard. That's the Crossfaith I love right there, shit goes HARD and has some good melody to it the chorus. That one has to be one of their best yet. Also, this EP once again reminds me just how much of a beast their drummer is.
  11. Crossfaith - WIPEOUT (Single) (2018)

    Gonna check this out in about an hour's time. Will Crossfaith continue their track record of having 2/3 solid songs and one really underwhelming one? (nearly every EP they release is a 3-track)... Let's try the first one. It's alright... but for what sounded like the softest on the EP in the preview, then I'm okay with it.
  12. Story of the Year - Wolves (2017)

    Agreed Bang Bang was a fucking hype comeback single, then 90% of the album went soft as shit. I'll probly grow to like at least some of it over time, but initially pretty disappointed.
  13. Godspeed bro, ABR usually has decent bonus tracks
  14. Disclarity - Ghosts (Single) (2017)

    Yo this is actually so good. Lots of smaller bands putting out good metalcore this week.
  15. Story Of The Year - Bang Bang (Single) (2017)

    I know they've been hyping / teasing for quite a while, but 6 years later and you still think it won't ever happen. SOTY was one of my favorites growing up, and hearing them put out such a "signature style" type track just gave me some crazy nostalgia. Really sick song, Dan's vocals haven't skipped a beat.