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  1. Yeah this is more of what I wanted from them following whatever Gore was. Simple but very Deftones. Hopefully some hooks on the album as this felt a little safe for them altogether though.
  2. Given the last album felt it was lacking energy, this is such a breath of fresh air. Chris being back is a big yes for me, this is catchy as shit and has some edge back to it.
  3. Rare was phenomenal, this is The Tame Neighborhood Impala 1975 (will give it a solid 2/10)
  4. Excited to see further “bad lip readings” at least
  5. These guys have been slowly becoming a modern Pantera with their own twists. This one is tasty af.
  6. Why this project didn’t go the instrumental route after Mike left, I do not understand.
  7. Okay this is so dope. Strong vibes of the heavier tracks from In Waves, Shogun riffage, then those guitar solo sections kicked in bringing some Ascendancy as well. All 3 of my favourite Trivium albums combined.
  8. Well after listening to this about 5 times throughout the day so far... Gah damn, good shit. I was really hoping for a return to form after The Spark, and while this isn't what the albums before that were, this is still that for sure. Definitely a prime example of how a band maturing should sound imo (take note AA...) 9.5/10 as a couple of instrumental sections/tracks didn't seem necessary. Highlights are definitely The Great Unknown, The Dreamer's Hotel, Waltzing Off the Face of the Earth I, Modern Living, T.I.N.A, and Marionettes (both, but particularly liking I).
  9. Fairly sure this album won't have any heavy but they've found a good balance with their electronics and melody this time. This is a good example of a band maturing imo.
  10. Not bad but Endnote set way too high a standard so overall kinda underwhelming. Basically just worse production, more clean vocals and added electronics (same thing that happened to Northlane minus the production quality I guess...)
  11. This and The Dreamer's Hotel are phenomenal (don't mind The King either, just not a standout for me personally), so hyped for this album after not having much faith following The Spark.
  12. The new sound has elements of the old sound, if anything they're incorporating their roots but I doubt they'll take away too much melody on the next album.
  13. @Evanwiger Different chick on Neverbloom, Booka joined the band just before Worlds Apart.
  14. Never used anon file before, is it always this slow?
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