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  1. Fairly sure this album won't have any heavy but they've found a good balance with their electronics and melody this time. This is a good example of a band maturing imo.
  2. Not bad but Endnote set way too high a standard so overall kinda underwhelming. Basically just worse production, more clean vocals and added electronics (same thing that happened to Northlane minus the production quality I guess...)
  3. This and The Dreamer's Hotel are phenomenal (don't mind The King either, just not a standout for me personally), so hyped for this album after not having much faith following The Spark.
  4. The new sound has elements of the old sound, if anything they're incorporating their roots but I doubt they'll take away too much melody on the next album.
  5. @Evanwiger Different chick on Neverbloom, Booka joined the band just before Worlds Apart.
  6. Never used anon file before, is it always this slow?
  7. Am I the only one who isn't seeing their Facebook page anymore? Insta is still there with a single post explaining Dan's departure but I find it weird that they'd delete their FB page either way
  8. Totally thought this was another Snoop Dogg rebrand at first
  9. Liked this more than Prisoner as the higher energy DGD is my jam but so far both are great and this album like the last 4 will have the shit replayed out of it
  10. They toured with blink that one time and now Mark Hoppus is their sound puppet master
  11. Awesome to see these guys on the site! Hopefully the album too when it comes out but will definitely buy it to support them being one of my hometown bands.
  12. Update: Deleted Aloneliness for obvious reasons but the rest of this is solid
  13. Wait, people actually expected a completely heavy album? Swear they said they were embracing their heavier side again but basically mixing it with the new sound introduced with Misery?
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