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  1. Clearly modern metal has fucked with me, heard the linked track and questioned the heavy metal tag. Most millennial I've ever felt.
  2. Production is ass sadly but the song is still a banger.
  3. Wasn't really excited about the deluxe version at all, pretty obvious little cash-grab. Never Know is okay but that's about it. Album was fine without these tracks.
  4. First song they've released in so long with actual hooks. Chorus is solid, even if the song is still basically the generic FFDP sound they've had since American Capitalist.
  5. Change the name of the file to anything but an upside down question mark, iTunes doesn't want to recognise it at all out of the zip but that fixed it.
  6. This is just one of many EPs all different styles/genres that they plan to release instead of albums now. Oli said when Ludens came out that that would be part of another EP with similar songs on it too.
  7. Initially wasn't keen on this at all but understood what the future of this band is gonna look like with all these spontaneous and different EPs they're planning. Hooked on 5 songs now and it reminds me of the chill out sessions EP and what that was to me when I was going through shit. Definitely gonna be using this as my chill background music option for a while. Like Seeing Spiders is the absolute highlight for me. Love this project now.
  8. Guarantee it's not that deep, lmao. Not everything is Tool.
  9. Can't believe I slept on Bilmuri for so long. Recorder at the start of mytop10mostbrootalbreakdownsof2047 had me laughing my ass off.
  10. How to avoid teehee backlash: No vocals at all lmao
  11. Back to say this is still phenomenal and has overtaken everything else released this year so far as my AOTY choice. Didn't think Tool would be topped, and Slipknot before them. Boy was I wrong.
  12. Yeah I'm very happy with this, they've always been excellent at melodies. Less heavy is a good thing for once, but it's still a very nice balance. Rory never misses a beat with his cleans.
  13. It's too late to apologissse. It's too laaaaate. (Sorry)
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