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  1. How to avoid teehee backlash: No vocals at all lmao
  2. Back to say this is still phenomenal and has overtaken everything else released this year so far as my AOTY choice. Didn't think Tool would be topped, and Slipknot before them. Boy was I wrong.
  3. Yeah I'm very happy with this, they've always been excellent at melodies. Less heavy is a good thing for once, but it's still a very nice balance. Rory never misses a beat with his cleans.
  4. It's too late to apologissse. It's too laaaaate. (Sorry)
  5. By "original" people are talking about the version without the 4 guest vocalists
  6. Don't get the hate, I haven't really been into these guys much for the last 2, almost 3 albums but this is a fucking sick song for them. The verses are heavy, the chorus blends nicely, and rather than sampling, etc all the way through like some songs on the last album, there's just a small mid section.
  7. Hopefully someday these guys will make listenable music again...Only thing I liked from the last album was Rabble Rouser as it felt like it had the Shikari energy you’d expect. Looks like they’re gonna keep at this meh pop thing overall though. 😕
  8. So after a couple of listens I ended up deleting 3 tracks (Death Because of Death, What's Next, and My Pain - two are interludes, one might as well be an excessively long interlude...) Chucked All Out Life into the tracklist as track 3 after Unsainted/before Birth of the Cruel and I'm happy with it now. Best album for me since Iowa though I've enjoyed each album in between for what they are. Standouts for me are definitely Birth of the Cruel (major self titled vibes), Nero Forte (love the chorus in particular), A Liar's Funeral (always forget how much I appreciate some use of acoustic guitar in Slipknot songs), Red Flag (because it fuckin' slaps), Spiders (catchy experimentation), and Orphan (also fuckin' slaps). 9/10 after removing the interludes, probably would've been the same rating anyway though.
  9. Highlights so far: Red Flag is heavs Spiders is catch
  10. This album started off as a downer for me for sure. Was expecting a full album of boring alt rock but then tracks 5 and 6 got me good.
  11. All those jokes about calling things "amo 2" Y'all happy with yourselves now?
  12. Not my favourite album from these guys but plenty of bangers still, and more solid than the last album. Track 9 is giving me massive Offspring vibes and making me want new stuff from them more too.
  13. This imo is the best song they've released to date. Can't help but enjoy the hell out of it.
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