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  1. Kinda want a studio version of that Deftones cover now, the strings really made it for me.
  2. This is basically the version that would’ve been released back then with the band’s original vocalist but he left and they replaced him with the guy who performed on the 2014 release.
  3. Loving the Korn/Slipknot vibes these guys are giving off with these new tracks, gonna be a sic album.
  4. Next year, supposedly titled "Grief & Mercy Sleep"
  5. This is shit, single was somewhat tolerable so kept it for the occasional listen but for the first time ever I actually deleted the rest instantly. RIP to the Matty Mullins project since MMF as a whole died after Challenger tbh.
  6. After a few listens I can understand the people complaining about it. It's certainly different, more melodic overall and at times structurally repetitive. But for me it's definitely my AOTY. I guess that's probably because AOGHAU wasn't amazing for me like LF//LT was and now this is. Can't get over the production quality though, Getgood drum production quality is god tier.
  7. Entire album is a beast so far, but... The Seventh Circle... Jfc they better play that shit live next time I see them.
  8. Oooh okay that I didn’t know. Makes me feel better about it knowing it’s not gonna sound like b-sides from the last album after all. High hopes now.
  9. Honestly for me at least this is their best song since 2004, The Blister Exists vibes and the overall energy are perfect. Just wish they went with a different production route (maybe even Rick Rubin again tbh), not massively keen on the tinny sounding snare and the drums still sound like a MIDI program overall. This album will rip regardless though.
  10. He wrote most of their music since at least LF//LT from what I read recently. Bunch of the riffs on this album will be from him still though supposedly.
  11. Don’t mind this but it’s definitely watered down for them. Kinda feels like Matt Good does this to bands now given how the last AA album turned out.
  12. Yeah, Empty Black was phenomenal! The other one I know is from the UK, nothing special tbh but they're alright.
  13. Easily in my top 3 for AOTY so far, alongside Greyhaven (the sick US one) and Architects (haven't heard it yet but we all know it's gonna be sex)
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