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  1. Today's May 10th for me in Aus so leak probably came from Australia
  2. Didn't he say he was delaying the release of this? Eh, who cares? Stoked to hear it either way. Much love, KL.
  3. Instrumentally I'm loving this. It's catchy af and hearing actual distorted guitar is great. People seem to expect the same thing over and over from every band, but these guys are literally middle aged now. Tastes change, life and growth change the way an artist creates. Listen to the old stuff if that's your jam (I prefer the old stuff too), but no need to crack the shits when something's not the exact same as you remember it. People would crack the shits for repetitiveness too.
  4. Nu metal af but I totally dig it. Nothing wrong with some variety, and that bassline slaps.
  5. Okay seriously?! These guys are just blowing up in my regular plays now. This album is going to be phenomenal. Adding the melodics was an excellent choice, Phil's vocals are so satisfying. This and the last single are easily my favourite songs by these guys to date.
  6. So turns out it's not a guest vocalist, it's the band's rhythm guitarist.
  7. Highlights for me: Real Friends - That deceptive acoustic intro was 10/10, same with the rest of the song (Dan especially delivered) Set It Off - This Blink cover was actually really cool, potentially my favourite track on the album tbh Sleeping With Sirens - I really want them to get inspired by this sound, it works so well for them Memphis May Fire - Best thing they've done since 2012, which is kinda sad lmao As It Is - This was really nice, these guys are killing it lately
  8. Eh, it's better than their last album. Can't beat Age of Reason and Oak Island though. I think these guys excel at the EP game for originals now, when they do albums they feel a little drawn out.
  9. These guys are local for me, seen them a few times live now and they deliver in that regard too. Shame they haven't really blown up like a lot of other Aussie bands in the scene.
  10. This definitely feels like Iowa with modern twists and plenty of Korn vibes mixed in. I'm feeling it. Now if Slipknot could back to this level of aggression...
  11. I feel like this is gonna be the album that really gets me into this band. I've got their discography but just don't find myself listening to them much at all. This is probably already my favourite song of theirs and I'm not even finished with my first listen. This album is gonna be right up their for album of the year too tbh.
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