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  1. Wow, how is this better than the actual album? I also donated a $ for each songs!
  2. Just finished the first song "Pray for Rain"' and I already know it's an AOTY contender!
  3. Not that new, they had a longer solo in the first single of the previous album : A.D
  4. Definitely my favorite one from the new album so far, wow!
  5. Same at least Landmine is sick as fuck haha
  6. Not bad for what it is, I like it way more than the violence like all of you guys. The "heavier" part near the end is also really sick.
  7. Wow this one is pretty good, looks like the album will be great.
  8. This is way too good, I would say it's slightly softer than Sorceress but sounds more like old Opeth and way more epic :O
  9. I was suppose to see them this summer before the bus fire Hopefully they'll come back next year!
  10. The Nothing by KORN Album Review : Honorable mentions : I started to make a list but it would be worthless, all the songs on the album deserves to be there, I’m not even kidding. My Top 5 : Cold : I love this one so much, it is preceded by the intro : The End Begins with a lot of bagpipes in it. It reminds me of Dead the intro of Issues which was kind of similar. After that, as soon as Cold starts, you know that this album will be dark and heavy as fuck. It’s super cool to have JD growling in this one and to have a super catchy and melodic chorus at the same time. I also love the lyrics in this song. My take on them is that you should not let anyone affect you in any bad way. Everyone can be stronger than all the negative people around them. The Darkness is Revealing : I love this song right from the start because of the incredible bouncy riff, the type of riff that Korn are well known for. The way I’m understanding this song is that JD is living a really thought situation. He has difficulties to understand why everything is happening and he doesn’t understand why he is feeling like this. There is also a really cool part where JD says « take a look around, let the money starts coming for me » and it reminds me a lot of that insane part in Freak on a Leash. After that, there is a part full of growls and it is so heavy, the last minute and a half of this song definitely makes it the best song of this new album, « The Nothing ». Idiosyncrasy : This song starts in such a brutal way that you have no other choices than to fall in love with it right away. It also contains a lot of growls in the pre chorus which is a fantastic thing in my opinion. There is some kind of bridge near the end of the song and it just sounds so great and groovy. It’s also preceded by a part where we only have Fieldy all alone playing the bass. Also, at the end of this song JD is asking time after time why god keeps making fun of him, and that part was simply fabulous. H@rd3r : The intro with the keyboard is really setting a good mood to the song. Right after that, you have another super heavy riff straight in your face. I love the lyrics in the chorus so much they go as follow : Tell me who I am, I’ve done all I can, Tell me why my life keeps getting harder and harder and harder. Tell me what to feel, this shit can’t be real. Tell me why my life keeps getting harder and harder and harder. It describes perfectly a situation where you are hopeful and you don’t know what to do anymore nor you understand why the fuck this is happening to you. The part before the last chorus is also so freaking heavy that it gives me chills every times I’m listening to it. This Loss : This is obviously a song about JD’s ex wife who died last summer. But if you’re getting out of a relationship like I am right now, you can definitely relate to pretty much everything in this song. This is about the fact of loosing someone in your life and the fact that you would want to take back time because you will never be the same after a huge challenge like this one. It’s still an heavy song but I would say it’s slightly softer than the rest of the album. Mainly because of a slower part in the song with a lot of keyboards and JD is doing some super melodic clean vocals. But this part is great and definitely one of my favorite moment of the album. 9/10, I feel like it’s even better than The Serenity of Suffering and getting close to the level of Korn’s best album.
  11. I'm usually a fan of the heavier songs but this song is really not that bad imo, it's even quite catchy.
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