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  1. Well this didn’t disappoint AT ALL, AOTY 100%
  2. I love drift but Neon is blowing it out of the water so far, disarray was much better than luminesce as a debut single, breach much better than drift as a follow up, and this is such a great opener for an album compared to luminesce too! PUMPED for this album
  3. everybody always says they're not gonna listen until 320...... I'm over here not wanting to listen until there are lyrics, such a huge part of this music and the band, these intrumentals are pretty poppin though
  4. Release date is August 10th http://releases.funkysouls.com/release/18512 tracklist in the link
  5. "this is gonna be the heaviest attila record yet"......... rightttttttt
  6. thanks for posting this of course but i can't do this again lol when this happened for stillworld by invent animate it ruined hearing the songs in their entirety when the album actually dropped, im still trying to hear the songs for what they really are and not the halves of them i heard from the preview, hopefully the full things drops soon though this album is going to be massive
  7. this is pretty sick and i'm super pumped for this release I just wish they released another full single, here's to hoping we get that dank leak soon
  8. that moment when you realize paragon is about tom searle and has architects lyrics sprinkled throughout it.....AOTY x 1000000
  9. this is just too fucking good, getting some BOO discovery era vibes from this, but it's also so unique, where the fuck did this come from?
  10. periphery iii = AOTY

  11. it was actually produced by Randy LeBouf, who also works at machine shop studios with Will, but same difference.
  12. this might be one of their best songs to date, I totally prefer this over calloused
  13. I'm gonna have to go with Silent Planet- Everything Was Sound lyrically, I just think Garrett really shows his intelligence and genius songwriting ability. To develop all the themes and quotations and ridiculous flow in all of the songs, it's pretty incredible. Also if I had more time to listen and understand the lyrics of Stillworld by Invent Animate, I'd probably pick that, because Everchanger resonated with me on every level, especially lyrically.
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