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  1. this is heavy as fuck and enjoyable but what is it with the whack ass guitar tones, sometimes this literally sounds inaudible, I feel like caswell and paddy complimented eachother well tone wise on the first two albums but since then both have been just a mess, the color clear was a huge exception though, idk what happened here
  2. Starting a song off with a chorus like this is ballsy, it definitely grew on me though, borderline banger right here
  3. Yo my dude ? id love to hear your full thoughts on greyview! I think we all deserve the grisly details after waiting so long lol

  4. The vibe of this song and this music video are drastically different
  5. Now I wonder what that teaser of new material was on their social media, I assumed it would be a bonus track or something, this is baller though
  6. Not tryna be that guy but please tell me this isn’t the album cover, their artwork previously has been too good for this muddy boring shit
  7. Hold up, do you really think that BMTH coined the phrase Sugar Honey Iced Tea? It’s an acronym for SHIT and it’s been around for literally YEARS in movies, music, books, you name it lol so no they did not rip off anyone, it’s a figure of speech
  8. Well this didn’t disappoint AT ALL, AOTY 100%
  9. I love drift but Neon is blowing it out of the water so far, disarray was much better than luminesce as a debut single, breach much better than drift as a follow up, and this is such a great opener for an album compared to luminesce too! PUMPED for this album
  10. everybody always says they're not gonna listen until 320...... I'm over here not wanting to listen until there are lyrics, such a huge part of this music and the band, these intrumentals are pretty poppin though
  11. Release date is August 10th http://releases.funkysouls.com/release/18512 tracklist in the link
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