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  1. who was the guest feature for the lost track gonna be anyway? ive been curious about that for awhile
  2. Dude just stop,your making this worse for yourself and making your self look bad
  4. absolutely love this album right on GC's level for me, i like how the vibe is really consistent throughout this album and makes me feel like one consistently amazing song all through out the run time, i also like effortlessly dana switches from screams to singing and back again through out the album.Overall an amazing album, maybe itll become my favorite album by them in due time.
  5. this is so fucking bad i feel like im entitled to financial compensation,chris barnes is the worst vocalist ever
  6. Listen to the leak if you want idc, just don’t give them any money #PoopInGregGilbertsCornflakes
  7. wow i cant believe they decided to do a cover of cattle decapitations forced gender reassignment
  8. Tzeromus


    I can’t believe our last night finally recorded their wap cover we all knew was inevitable
  9. I’d say I’d put this as a 7,not my favorite album by them but not my least favorite, the better tracks are definitely the ones that sound like their dark skies sound such as vendetta
  10. Support this very talented and sexy man
  11. Seriously though, chris Barnes needs to fucking stop, his vocals are horrendous now
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