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  1. holy shit i didnt know lukas's vocals could be this heavy
  2. Is time for this to get delayed again yet? Lol
  3. It is a decent song but I can't shake the feeling this album is gonna be what many would say is a sellout album
  4. Lololololololololol xp thanks
  5. Unleak this please,no one deserves to get weaponized cancer by listening to this
  6. Same, I still love this album
  7. >inb4 jarrod has a bitchfit on facebook about you posting this
  8. i like the 2 full songs you included in this
  9. I had a feeling ki already had this album, I'm looking forward to the leak
  11. Whoops I'm stupid, I meant last Saturday, I live in Maryland
  12. Great album and great band, I saw them live on Sunday and destroyed, I got my album signed by Bryan and Chris and got a picture with them too
  13. Yes! I fucking love Dying Fetus!
  14. I personally liked this light I hold but this is painfully average