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  1. This album is probably the perfect album to be released this year,this is truly an experience
  2. You guys are in for a treat, this album is amazing
  3. It’s decent but definitely could have used more variation in the screams
  4. Spoiler alert: most of this album is SUPER disappointing
  5. really good album, has a nice nu metalcore feel to it
  6. This album is great you are all gonna love it
  7. for those wondering, its not a return to their melodic death metal roots, to use the cliche phrase: the heavy parts are heavier and the softer parts are softer
  8. Jury of wolves is crap in comparison to this album
  9. No, when they make a better album than ground culture then we will
  10. How many songs on here are spoken word?
  11. since i know your gonna get it from here, hello nick from pathways
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