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  1. so according to their facebook, the guitarist that was outted as a pedo is not in the band
  2. Possible unpopular opinion, this is their best album, I feel as though the songwriting is much more put together on here and I think the new vocalist while not having the range Ben did, is better suited for this band than Ben was
  3. Reminder that this dude compared people who eat meat to nazis
  4. I thought it was only These 2 tracks that got re-recorded
  5. holy fuck they are somewhat bringing back their melodic hardcore sound from when they were burning down alazka, so stoked for more
  6. This 128 rip is really good, also this album is unrelentingly brutal,my favorite album by them hands down
  7. Not impressed with this, I’ve always felt this band needs a second singer with a lower register to compliment shayley at least, otherwise this is rather bland
  8. This isn’t the guy from II it’s rheese Peters formally of a night in Texas
  9. My god have mercy on our souls
  10. Song of the year,nothing has ever been this artistically beautiful ever
  11. I love more death metal influenced deathcore, some of you guys are massively over exaggerating
  12. wow this gives off strong i killed the prom queen vibes
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