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  1. Can I pay someone to erase them from existence?
  2. HELL YEAH! Like I said yesterday I knew this was the right time for this!
  3. for those who dont know this band has 3 members of the afterimage among them
  4. Christian Deathcore band Impending Doom will Release their New Album 'The Sin and Doom Vol II' On June 22nd , you can listen to the first single "The Wretched and Godless" when my itunes purchase is uploaded or on Youtube here: Tracklist: 1 The Wretched and Godless 3:06 2 Burn 2:38 3 War Music 5:19 4 Evil 2:22 5 Paved With Bones 3:22 6 The Serpents Tongue 2:57 7 Unbroken 4:05 8 Devils Den 4:02 9 Everything's Fake 3:45 10 Run For Your Live (She Calls) 4:11 ℗ 2018 Entertainment One U.S., LP Also Available in iTunes
  5. I see they used the same clip in their intro track that the faceless uses in planetary duality 1
  6. this is so much better than everything off of dark matter
  7. Can’t download this right now cause I’m at work but does this song show the change in sound that they’ve been hinting at?
  8. It’ll be up tomorrow,my preorder is arriving tomorrow
  9. crows is actually available for purchase on itunes as well
  10. The Flood>Self Titled>Defy>Restoring Force>Cold World
  11. for those wondering those arent his actual lows he pitch shifted them to make them sound lower