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  1. wow i cant believe they decided to do a cover of cattle decapitations forced gender reassignment
  2. Tzeromus


    I can’t believe our last night finally recorded their wap cover we all knew was inevitable
  3. I’d say I’d put this as a 7,not my favorite album by them but not my least favorite, the better tracks are definitely the ones that sound like their dark skies sound such as vendetta
  4. Support this very talented and sexy man
  5. Seriously though, chris Barnes needs to fucking stop, his vocals are horrendous now
  6. Better than anything on reborn, feature carries the song hard. #1monthwaitfora2minutesong
  7. Instant 0/10 just to trigger ohm and maximo lol
  8. Oh you know he’s gonna go creeper mode on her
  9. The song is good, but wow that music video
  11. Ngl I saw this and was hoping this was a Michael crafter solo ep
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