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  1. heads up, it's still the same song
  2. I'm ready for the synth-heavy, rap-filled futuristic concept album.
  3. I remember one of my good friends from years ago was into industrial rock/metal stuff and he sent me a bunch of stuff over AIM. The ones I remember were introductory stuff like Marilyn Manson and NIN but he sent other lesser known acts like Spineshank, Orgy and Coal Chamber. He also was a huge fan of Smashing Pumpkins so he sent all their stuff too. I usually think of what he sent me and those bands as the beginning of my music collection. I've always had stuff my dad listens to as well--things that for him were just the music of the day but for us younger people are more like 'classics' (AC/DC, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Green Day, basically all the hard rock/heavy metal names), so I count those in as well since I ripped from his CDs all the time. As to something that I would call my own discovery, I would say Bullet for My Valentine is the first band I remember being actively interested in.
  4. Where the Sun Goes is actually pretty good. Nice kind of nu-disco vibe
  5. probably not anything new, but by no means bad
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