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  1. Jack White - Boarding House Reach (2018)

    I kind of agree. I love the White Stripes and the Dead Weather but every other Jack White project has been meh for me. It's weird because this new album doesn't have much meat in terms of songwriting. I've been listening to it more than any of his other solo records. He should take this sound and apply it to some solid tunes next time and I think JW will have his groove back. Today is the day my dude. Thank you again!
  2. Jack White - Boarding House Reach (2018)

    Word thank you!
  3. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sex & Food (2018)

    Word thank you LK!
  4. Jack White - Boarding House Reach (2018)

    The rip is fine but I like to get the cd rip or digital files since I mostly listen in headphones
  5. Jack White - Boarding House Reach (2018)

    Will you please post a non vinyl rip when it's available. I didn't expect to like this and I actually enjoyed most of it
  6. The Voidz - Virtue (2018)

    320??? I love this album
  7. The Voidz - Virtue (2018)

    Omg thank you!
  8. Ministry - AmeriKKKant (2018)

    I'm pissed that this sucks. I really wanted to like a new Ministry album
  9. Preoccupations - New Material (2018)

    thank you!!
  10. Ministry - AmeriKKKant (2018)

    Holy shit this is bad hahahaha
  11. Ministry - AmeriKKKant (2018)

    Thank you LK!
  12. Street Sects - In Contempt (Single) (2018)

    Dude! They just released another fucking 7 inch lol! https://streetsects.bandcamp.com/album/street-sects-curse-split-7
  13. Street Sects - In Contempt (Single) (2018)

    Yea this rules. So it's only one track? I'm guessing the other song listed was the other artist on the split
  14. Ed Schrader's Music Beat - Riddles (2018)

    Thank you LKA!