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  1. This is great! Thank you!
  2. Holy fuck that was a fun ride! Can’t wait to hear the full experience. Invincible is my favorite track. I’m glad there were plenty of goosebump moments. The dudes actually pulled it off!
  3. 320 out? I saw that it's possible on spotify now?
  4. I would start with their first album. This one is a lot more bluesy reminiscent of the singer's previous band The Drones (which also rules)
  5. Ahh that's okay for now tho! I've been checking the site every day hoping it would leak now that I have King Gizz and Thee Oh Sees. Now all I need is Blanck Mass and Tool! This month saved 2019
  6. @Anton Chigurh thank you for this! Please post the 320 when it leaks. Excited to hear this early!
  7. I can't wait for this and King Gizz to leak
  8. @mR12 do you have the digital version that just came out to replace the vinyl rip?
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