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  1. Awesome. Please post the digital rip whenever it's out there
  2. lol I kind of love it all but yea that period I would not recommend....
  3. Fuck yea can't wait to check this out! Thank @Lord Kingdom
  4. Loving this so far. Much more varied than their last couple of releases. Cool to hear them add some of the electronic elements. Now we need the lyrics to really dig in.
  5. Production is much better than Solara but still not convinced the songwriting is strong enough. Maybe I'll change my mind once I hear the songs in context of the album. Also, the "volume 1" thing scares me because it seems like such a Billy thing to do. Instead of focusing on a cohesive and well constructed LP, he always lets his ideas get ahead of him. He needs someone in his inner circle to say "dude... chill and edit yourself".
  6. This album is so fucking badass. Anyone new to A&P definitely check out some live vids
  7. @mR12 do you have Dialogue I?
  8. Oh shit didn't expect this so soon! Thank you @Lord Kingdom
  9. Disagree. For me it's Slaves>Slaves. I respect your opinion tho
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