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  1. I've seen a 320 posted somewhere else but not sure if it's a transcode? Anyways... this album is amazing! Can't wait for the quality leak
  2. Thanks! I was able to hold off on listening so I'm about to blast this now!
  3. @LKA like all the tags so I'm gonna check this out. Thanks dude!
  4. Damn I checked this out because I've heard good things. This is chill af. Thanks for posting!
  5. Fair enough. I definitely think they should go with a different producer next time. I’ve been playing this nonstop so far and that hour breezes by. Should end up in my top 10 for sure.
  6. @jeffbeck84 yea I can't see it living up to 13 years of hype but I can guarantee at this point it will be better than the last APC record based off of the two live songs we've heard so far. Invincible gives me hope. If the album is more like that track then I'll be content. Descending isn't bad either but sounds a little bit too "Tool going through the motions". Might change my mind when we hear the studio version. Whatever happens I'll just be happy hearing Danny and Justin play together again. As a rhythm section, they are worth the price of admission.
  7. Discussion is cool dude. I get why everyone is pissed off about it. Would be cool to hear some thoughts on the songwriting tho.
  8. @jeffbeck84 cool! I'll check it out. Love Radiohead and I've listened to a lot of Godspeed but not enough to call myself a true fan. Arcade Fire I'm cool with when they make worthy albums (fuck that last one sucked!). Favorites so far this year are the new Deerhunter, Panda Bear, Xiu Xiu, Possessed, Wand, Tyler the Creator, etc. I started compiling a best of the decade list for fun and nothing from 2019 would be in the top 30 at least. Still hoping Tool might pull off a miracle and release something of quality and maybe a new Kanye or NIN album will swoop in and save the day. @TomoLust the thing that irks me about the production and mixing gripes is that it's totally intentional. This is what the band wanted. Otherwise they wouldn't have returned back to Friddman. Yes of course his mixes are not dynamic and the guitars are pushed to the max but you have to believe that Baroness was pushing for that type of sound. Go check out Iggy's mix of The Stooge Raw Power. It will make your ears bleed but it's powerful and punishing and I don't think it would have had the same impact with a "normal" mix (in fact, for me anyways, it doesn't because the Bowie mix is nowhere near as harsh and loses it's balls). I think records like that and Gold & Grey are intended to be played on a stereo and not so much for headphone enjoyment. That being said, I would like to hear Baroness go with a different producer next time just for a change of pace.
  9. Just finished... goddamn that was amazing! This year has kind of sucked for me and there hasn't been too many releases I've been pumped about. There's a lot to unpack but I can definitely see this being in my top 10 by the end of the year. Only gripe is they could have edited the tracklist and pushed the experimental stuff further. I might feel differently about that once it all clicks though. Great fucking album!
  10. Yep looks good to me! Only on the 3rd track but I skimmed through before putting it on to make sure there were no duplicates. Thanks! Can’t wait for that 320. Also people who have problems with the production.... that’s kind of Dave Friddman’s thing. Listen to any Flaming Lips record. He likes to put that crunch on the drums and guitars. I don’t have a problem with it because I grew up on loving lo-fi punk stuff. The band obviously made that artistic choice as well. Sounds great to me but I can understand why it will turn people off. Maybe when we get the 320 they’ll be a slight improvement. I love the chaos in the noise. Reminds me of Iggy Pop’s Raw Power and the blown out copy cat punk bands who were inspired by that record. This feels more punchy and bass heavy than Purple but I haven’t revisited that record in a long time. I know people had a problem with that one as well but Purple is my favorite Baroness. Almost halfway through the new one and feels like a proper follow up so far. Songwriting is still on par with everything else they’ve done and the vocals are epic af!
  11. Ahh okay I'll just add it because I can't wait to hear this any longer then just wait for a 320 to replace it afterwards. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. Wait so is this the full thing or is a track missing?
  13. Stu did a interview a couple of days ago and confirmed they're releasing a heavy record. I'm so hype! I love everything they do but I prefer the more prog-metal side of Gizz like Murder of the Universe and Nonagon Infinity.
  14. Agree with this. The whoa chorus thing made me cringe so fucking bad.
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