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  1. @mR12 finally listened to this and there's a skip in the second to last track and also the volume is super low. Do you know if a cd rip is out yet?
  2. I’m atheist af but I’m old enough to know that if religion brings you positivity and inspires you to be a better person then it’s not such a bad thing for SOME people. Just don’t try and force others to agree with your point of view. I’m all for Kanye trying anything at this point. His life is a movie and I’m just enjoying the ride.
  3. I can't defend Jesus is King but TLOP is absolutely not trash. The tracklist could use a edit but as it stands, I think it still works as a sort of "double album". I would argue that it's just as great as MBDTF. Like Yeezus on steroids. It's the peak of Kanye's schizo creative powers. Maximalist and overwhelming. Look at how many bangers are on this: Ultralight Beam, Father Stretch My Hands, Famous, Waves, FML, Wolves, etc. I'm afraid it's the last record that Kanye will devout that kind of work ethic to because he was literally losing his mind while making it and had to step back from the manic lifestyle surrounding the process.
  4. Not true. MBDTF, Yeezus and TLOP are all fantastic. His past two releases are the only ones that have dipped in quality and they're still not downright awful (I will admit that the first run through of Jesus is King was rough but it has grown on me... the lyrics are excessive and amateur but I think the simpleness is intentional).
  5. @Summersthanks! Do you have the re-issues of Loverboy and Underground also?
  6. I hope Gira gives us another trilogy with this lineup and slight departure in sound. He should push the ambient elements further and move away from post-rock because we already have 3 masterpieces (4 if you include My Father Will Guide Me Up...) in that style. S U N F U C K E R ! ! ! ! ! !
  7. Downloaded this based on this comment. Let’s fucking go!
  8. Is there a non vinyl rip out yet?
  9. Yea... I can't wait for the 320 lol Thanks for this!
  10. Looks like the audio is super quiet. I normalized all of the tracks in audacity to hold me over until the real thing leaks. Thanks for posting this!
  11. I listened on my shitty earbuds at work earlier today and the volume seemed to be switching from track to track? About to listen again at home with my quality headphones and hopefully won't run into that problem (I fucking hate earbuds lol)
  12. This is great! Thank you!
  13. Holy fuck that was a fun ride! Can’t wait to hear the full experience. Invincible is my favorite track. I’m glad there were plenty of goosebump moments. The dudes actually pulled it off!
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