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  1. @LKA check out their album from last year. It's awesome
  2. Wow this is fucking intense! Best NIN since Year Zero
  3. The Life of Pablo is great. Kanye has yet to fail me
  4. Not really a Nas fan but this is bumpin'. Nasir and Daytona are basically Kanye albums
  5. Thank you! This is a crazy fucking trip! AOTY material
  6. I think I like ye more because it's introspective though I can understand why someone would pick KSG over it.
  7. Boo this man! Loving both ye and Kids See Ghosts. Feel the Love, Freeee, Ghost Town, and Violent Crimes are more than I could ask for. Both records are better with repeated listens.
  8. I love all of them. I keep expecting them to make another "rock" album like Jenny Death but so far YOTS reminds me of NOTM and Govt Plates. They're keeping it weird
  9. @LKA I just realized this was only out in 128. Can't wait for the 320
  10. @LKA thanks! I can't wait for the the new album
  11. Wouldn't Leave and No Mistakes are the weak spots for me. On a standard album these tracks would be fine but since there's only 7 songs here they all need to be bangers. I really just want more. Maybe I will feel different after the Kids See Ghosts album drops.