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  1. Can't decide if I want to wait for Thursday. This release is so confusing. How different is the vinyl version versus the digital?
  2. I know I'm probably in the minority but I love the "shit production". It's a unique quality Earl has over other hip hop artists. The music is experimental and jarring and requires several listens to click. I feel like I have to really dig in to understand what's going on. I realize not everyone enjoys doing this when listening to music lol. I just prefer to be challenged.
  3. @Summers crazy to see the Code Orange collab. Hyped to hear this. Thanks!
  4. Nice! Now we need Havok to leak
  5. @Summers thanks! I've been looking forward to this one
  6. @Summers thanks! I think there's another set out this week also. I wonder how many of these we get
  7. Seriously what is up with the production lol. How does he have no one around him saying "dude this sounds like fucking assholes"
  8. Sounds like Animals era Floyd to me but also reminds me of Speed of Pain from Mechanical Animals
  9. This is awesome. Eternal Summer kind of sounds like Marilyn Manson lol
  10. Whoa, I had no idea this was coming and I love both bands (I have lyrics to Twice Born tattooed on my leg)
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