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  1. preorders are up on merchnow and merch connection, already preordered both vinyl variants
  2. no problem, rise usually states the pressing info on their website
  3. that variant is out of 300, overall there are 5 varians with a total of 7000. I dont wanna buy the bundle cause i dont need all those other stuff. so I might grap that 500 or 1500 variant tho 300 - Tri Color Striped - Aqua Blue / Mustard / Hot Pink 500 - Splatter - Highlight Yellow with Hot Pink Splatter 700 -Splatter - Coke Bottle Green with Doublemint Splatter 1,500 - Solid Color - Hot Pink 4,000 - Solid Color - Mustard
  4. 1. Architects - All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us 2. Dance Gavin Dance - Tree City Sessions 3. Thrice - To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere 4. Napoleon - Newborn Mind 5. Issues - Headspace
  5. amazing track, them boys nailed it again. tainmv was pretty amazing so hopes are high for the new album
  6. feeling them LF//LT vibes but nothing wrong with that tho. been jamming this and their most recent stuff the whole day. those guys never seem to disappoint me, so fucking stoked for the new album.