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  1. Kinda agree with you, but the Green Day comparison seems off. This is way less "pop punk" for the most part, especially if you consider their previous albums. I am absolutely stoked for this, but after the first playthrough, I'm sorry to say it's not as good as I had hoped, Oh, Calcutta! will always be peak Lawrence Arms to me. Still gonna be playing this until the next album drops, probably around 2028 or whatever...
  2. I like this one. But it's true, could've used a breakdown. That being said, anything new from This or the Apocalypse?
  3. Like this better than most of YAW, but I kinda wanna hear more of the older sound, production wise...still looking forward to new music regardless...
  4. I like this. Interesting drumming...
  5. I find these guys can do much better, but either way, excited for the new album. thanks
  6. Sounds good. Cleans are a bit meh, but still...thanks
  7. Nice, "Veridical" already was one of the most beautiful tracks of the album to me. Thanks
  8. Is this the band that had the crying baby interlude on their first album? That was pretty amazing, as is this...
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