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  1. I enjoy the minimalist look of the art. Hopefully the album goes back to being more experimental like their Transmissions stuff
  2. Saw them a couple days ago in Northern Kentucky (wasn't there for them). Dope band.
  3. Their first full length, Volume 2, is badass. Dunno went wrong here
  4. This fucking rocks. I was worried the badassery of the album cover wouldn't match the song, but it did. Amazing work @DaneilSTTD
  5. I just uploaded the 24 bit WAV files (includes the deluxe tracks too)
  6. According to Reddit, the leaker was having tech issues with Windows Media Player (a shitty way to rip when theres much better free ripping softwares out there) and it wasn't exporting to 320kb and kept exporting as 128kb and just gave up.
  7. Damn! Got my hopes up that Prequelle got leaked when I saw "Ghost". Hopefully that leaks soon.
  8. Same. I was the one that uploaded this audio (got it from sirius xm via obs and then converted to mp3). Hopefully the actual single releases tomorrow or gets leaked early. Having it in 192 and already compressed via online streaming doesn't sound too good.
  9. Not the best he's released but nothing could best Rockstar though
  10. Jacob Wallace and Andrew Zink. Zink does the cleans. Dunno the musicians names. Theres better quality vids on YT also: https://youtu.be/JukT6c70t7c
  11. Starset- Vessels Shadow of Intent - Reclaimer Brojob - Talk Shit Get Kissed [NOT 2017] The Great Discord - The Rabbit Hole Ghost- Ceremony and Devotion (imo the best live album in terms of mix quality)
  12. They should've stopped years ago.
  13. He's probably mentioning how this is their last album. There was a big misunderstanding that their last full length album = the end of Red. Randy said in a recent live stream that this is their last album on their contract with their record label so they're unsure of Reds future. Not in the way of if they're calling it quits or not, but how much new material they will make in the future. Randy said if the music business keeps going downhill for rock/metal they will still tour but only release EPs/singles but they hope fan funding will be able to make full length albums but that's unlikely.
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